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This vast product area is now accountable for more than 30% of all of our office purchases in the UK today so we have naturally extended our product offering to reflect this.

From recordable media and memory, through to cables, accessories and of course the all important printer and copier consumables.

We can supply;
  • Laser and Inkjet Cartridges
  • Fax and Copier Supplies
  • Original and Compatible Ribbons
  • Data Storage
  • Computer Accessories
  • Application Software
  • Scanners & Digital Cameras
  • Wireless technology
  • and much, much more.
This product area evolves perhaps more than any other within our range as new technology is introduced. We would therefore strongly recommend that we carry out an IT audit within your business so that we can ensure your staff are re-ordering the right consumables and we can keep you informed of planned product upgrades and replacements.

Consumables are those basically those products which are not highlighted too much but are an important part of office accessories. Some examples of consumables are – printer cartridges, fax supplies, computer accessories, scanners etc.  

These products are not used as daily products but they play a vital role in the functioning of offices. There are some more products which Niche Office Solutions Ltd have launched such as - Samsung Series 7 slate tablet, Stamp Designer’s, security cameras, keyboards in London. These products are very fancy to use and belong to the latest technology trend. Samsung 7 series slate tablets is one of the latest tablet launched which is portable, light weight and filled with the latest android operating system. It can work on Wi Fi as well as 3G internet facility.  Tablets are often known as a mini laptop along with a phone, so it solves two purposes through one device. On the other hand rubber stamp designer is also a product offered by Niche Office Solutions Ltd which would help you in creating a customized rubber stamp. They are mostly used for creating logo’s for any company and are used for stamping purpose.

There is another diverse product offered which is called as security camera. In London security cameras play a very important role, as they help in recording all the activities happening at a particular location. Many offices and shopping malls in London opt for this mechanism to maintain peace in the location and also have a recording if any unauthorized activity happens in the premises.  There are many people working in the office space and it’s very tough to keep an eye on everyone when it comes to security of data and equipment’s. So, offices in London have a habit of putting security camera all over their area so that they can identify the person who breaches the security concern of the office. Keyboards in London are very important for offices products. As we all work in a technology oriented world, so we are definitely working on computers or desktops. Keyboards are a very important input device of a computer. These all products are equally important in the smooth functioning of an office but they belong to different categories. So in order to purchase them someone would be required to go to many different shops but Niche Office Solutions Ltd would be offering all these products under the same roof via their website.  These products would be available at various prices and of various brands. Niche provides a very convenient ordering process and a speedy delivery.

For more information please call sales on 0845 0739409 or e-mail sales@nicheofficesolutions.co.uk or request a catalogue.

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