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Caring for the Environment
The way we live has a dramatic effect on our natural resources and the environment. We are committed, where possible, to minimising the impact our activities have on our eco system. We aim to trade with environmentally aware companies who have, or who are developing environmental policies, procedures and systems.

We actively encourage the use of technology, namely e-trading solutions and email, to reduce the amount of unnecessary paperwork and wastage. Our electronic solutions also make your business more efficient, saving you time and money.

Packaging Waste
In addition we aim to reduce, recycle and reuse packaging wherever possible. Please don't throw your laser and inkjet cartridges in the bin, they'll go straight to landfill. We can supply you with a free recycle bin and collect it when it's full.

Eco Friendly Products
We aim to make it easier for you to make a conscious buying decision by highlighting those products within our catalogues that are eco friendly. Click home page to request a catalogue.

Green Products
If your office is like ours then there are unlimited possibilities for innovative green office products to improve your environmental efficiency. We offer everything your office needs and these products will do more than just save a few trees, and show your commitment to a healthy work space and world.

Each year, we use 750,000 tonnes of short life paper in the UK. By purchasing recycled paper, we can reduce land filling and save energy. It takes half the energy to produce paper through recycling, rather than pulping trees.

We are totally committed to recycling issues and in order to make recycling easier, we can supply you with the most appropriate collection methods to suit your needs.

If you care as much as us about the environment, then contact our customer services department to learn more about our extensive range of environmentally-friendly products.

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