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Why choose Niche?
We're different from all the other office product suppliers.We care about all of our customers' needs and we have athorough understanding of the marketplace.

We pride ourselves on getting to know our customers so that we can provide a bespoke office supplies solution for yourcompany.

Our aim is to create long-lasting customer relationships that can't be beaten on service, pricing or delivery.

Who shops with Niche?
Companies big and small, private and public sector, and including solicitors, accountants, architects, estate agents,hotels, restaurants, schools, colleges, universities, charities.You name the sector, and we're sure to have provided the perfect office supplies solution.

One-stop shop convenience
Work lives are busy, so no one wants to waste time shopping around for the cheapest office products. At the same time,budgets are tight, so you want to be sure that you're spending your money wisely.

The convenience of Niche is that we are a one-stop shop that guarantees all of our products are competitively priced.

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