The Top 10 Most Beautiful Cars Of 2021
7th September, 2021

They may say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but these 10 gems have debunked that classic phrase – nobody could possibly look at these and keep their jaws from dropping.

Undeniably gorgeous to look at, you must see these jaw-dropping sports cars and see these mind-boggling stats to believe it.

Renault Morphoz

What if cars could transform their flexibility based on the person’s choice of destination?

What if the Transformers were real?

Those are the questions Renault asked themselves when developing this concept electric car Morphoz in 2020. While cars have always been vehicles able to hand local and long-range travel, the Morphoz was designed from the ground up to take these 2 aspects of travel and allow for a vehicle to transform based on your needs. This creates unique positives, that you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else.

First, we have City Mode; featuring a 400km driving range, as well as a combination of a short bonnet, and tucked rear bumper to minimise overhang. This makes driving and parking much easier, which will give drivers and potential future buyers reading this a sigh of relief – as quite frankly, the Morphoz has quite a colossal and determined design, as opposed to the slimmer and rounder designs sports cars tend to have.

Secondly, we have Travel Mode, which has been fitted with the innovative Travel Extender, which allows you to carry 50 kwh in additional batteries to extend the driving range when you want to cover long distances. As well as that, the electric car’s exterior has been constructed with a streamlined profile, and a custom front end, to allow for more optimised aerodynamics.

To top off Travel Mode’s flexible efficiency, in the long version, the car has been mechanically altered on the interior to allow for extra legroom and more space for luggage. Yet another fantastic feature, as we all know the struggle of squeezing in with a group of friends, or family in one car, or not having enough room to put luggage down. To build off this sparse interior design, the passenger seat is also capable of pivoting to face the rear so that all passengers can look at each other face to face. Eliminating the need for straining the neck, as well as incorporating flexibility in the interior and exterior with such outlandish technology is what makes this car stand so tall in the vast realm of concept cars.

GFG Style Vision 3030

GFG Style Vision 3030

The GFG Style Vision 3030 is an energy efficient, electric car that aims to embody what people think of when they hear the word “Future”. The bonnet is fierce and determined to protect the roaring engine that aims to power long and tiring journey without fail, with 2-seater interior at the helm of this stylized vehicle.

Additionally, the amazingly smooth matte finish tops off a design that’s already filled with personality – this car is lined with sharp edges, to really deliver the feeling that the 2030 is compact and concentrated, as opposed to many other sports cars that focus on a smooth and rounded exterior design.

However, this car isn’t just flashy – as it’s a beast that can walk on any terrain, whether it’s harsh or soft. The incredibly unique suspension system is what makes this possible, rising and lowering the car according to the ground that it further travels. Incorporating this philosophy to the interior, the leather seats will likewise heat the driver/passenger up during cold travels or cool them down in hot terrains.

Designed to never yield or buckle, this bold vehicle was dynamically designed to survive anywhere it ends up. Saudi Arabia specifically asked the car designers for an electric vehicle that could cross the mixture of terrains Saudi Arabia encompasses as part of their 2030 project.

Faraday FFZero1

The Faraday FFZero1 is a concept car that looks as if it’s just zoomed straight out of Hill Valley in the year 2015. However, don’t get us wrong – this sleek, pronounced design is very much a pleasure to look at, and a stark reminder how far humanity and car engineering has leaped forward in the past few decades.

While it may look like all flash and no substance, don’t be fooled – the creative minds at Faraday have stated the vehicle sprints like a monster, with a whopping 1000 horsepower, and a blistering top speed of over 200 miles per hour. Cloud-white seats have been carefully crafted for a true sense of weightlessness and were inspired by NASA’s zero gravity design, and housing the mixture of car parts delivering you those speeds is a sleek and cutting-edge exterior which was aerodynamically designed to be as fully efficient as possible. The body was constructed by professional aerodynamic engineers to embrace high speeds with an angular structure intended to provide total directional stability.

BMW 328 Hommage

The BMW 328 Hommage is new car with an old history sitting on its shoulder. Its creation was tied to the 75th anniversary of the original BMW 328, which was made all the way back in the late 1930s in BMW’s homeland of Germany. This car was a stylish dreamboat to look at, a true sign of wealth in those ancient times. The team at BMW must have wanted to recapture an old favourite, and gloss it over with a bucket of modern pain, to pay respects to their roots.

While the car still possesses the thick body and sleek design we’ve come to know and love from the world of modern sports cars, the Hommage has a few details that are there to remind you that the car has been built upon the foundation of what came almost a century ago.

Such as both cars’ similarity in seat design. Both employ a complete disregard for safety and allow the driver/passenger to simply hop in without the regular point of entry most cars have. However, the similarities don’t end there, as the front end’s kidney grille bears a striking similarity to the original, while the modern 328’s grille is certainly less tall than the 1936 cars.

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage

The BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage is yet another slick example of BMW’s true dedication to delivering quality cars over 70 years on. Exhibiting a 3L Twin-Turbo engine that positively roars on the roads, paired with a vibrating horsepower of 500, this Hommage has every reason to roar confidently. Adding onto this, the car possesses a crunchy transmission of an 8-speed auto, and a rear-wheel drive.

Did You Know: this car was not made in heavy production, and research shows that only a few hundred were made of this sleek gemstone. Meaning that this car is a rarity, which is a shame, as it means there is less of that vibrant paintwork to go around. However, any car enthusiast can at least appreciate the work and love that went into this homage of the 70s CSLs, which were pure classics that truly represented the bombastic era.

Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6

The elusive Maybach Vision 6 is a gem packed with little details and features that make it a somewhat modest package in comparison to some of the other flashy cars on this list but, it still shines bright and flows through the streets effortlessly.

Featuring 4 electric motors powering the drive, a sizeable combined 738hp, and a wide electric range of 227 miles. This vehicle is dependable and ready to carry its passengers wherever they may need to go.

This car also houses gullwing doors, which you may recognise are the same type of doors that were used to open the interiors of the vintage DeLorean’s. However, Mercedes can assure you this is not the future, but the present, and this glamorous, sleek car isn’t going anywhere.

Citroen GT

Citroen GT

The Citroen GT, hailing from France, is yet another dreamboat covered in pearly white paint, shining with a confident glow. Butterfly doors line the sides of the body and protect the 2-seater interior of the car. The engine displays a roaring 646hp, and a 7-speed sequential “circle” gearbox.

However, something interesting about this vehicle is that the car has origins in the Gran Turismo videogame franchise a partnership between Polyphony Digital, the creators of the Gran Turismo franchise and Citroen. While being a part of the virtual world of Gran Turismo, Citroen went the extra mile and created a real-life concept of the car seen as it was in the actual videogame.

It’s a shame this concept car wasn’t mass produced and given to the hands of the people, as this beauty undoubtedly deserved the attention and time to speed through the world.


Bugatti Atlantic

The Atlantic from the talented folks at Bugatti is a jewel of a sports car that absolutely earns its’ namesake with a devasting level of speed that could keep up with commercial planes soaring across the Atlantic.

A top speed exceeding 480 kilometres per hour, the Atlantic is fitted with Michelin Pilot Cup 2 tires that will keep rolling through all the intense speeds you’ll be reaching. Most impressive of all, is the earth-shattering level of horsepower this animal can display, ascending past the triple digits, and hitting 1,578HP, which isn’t a common occurrence with most sports cars.

Something else to note, is that the designers at Bugatti kept in mind the original Atlantic from 1938 and tried to invoke that same sense of style and design that was apparent on the lush, retro vehicle that was striking the streets of France in the 30s. A smooth and curvy exterior, rich, glossy, black body panels, and an interior that recalls the style often seen in 20th century cars with leather seats splashed with dynamic brown colouring.

Mercedes AVTR

Mercedes AVTR

With an ergonomic appearance unlike anything you will have seen before, the AVTR may lack the generally busy design most car manufactures strive for but instead, Mercedes decided to opt for something that is positively alive with curves stretching across the interior and exterior, something breathing with futurism.

A combined engine power of 350kw, and a driving range of 700 kilometres, this car is far more than just a spectacle to look at, it moves gracefully like you would expect a sports car to. It introduces agile “Crab Movement” – the Vision AVTR can move sideways by 30 degrees due to unique way the car’s motors operate, allowing it to navigate roads in a way conventional vehicle cannot.

Generally, this car takes risks and invokes something we don’t see often, as most sports cars stick to a formula of making sure their cars look nice and vibrant – which is fine, but there is something special about a car like Mercedes’ AVTR, with such a unique design.

However, this car’s many glowing qualities don’t end there, pulsing neon lights are strung across this graceful beast’s body, bright beams wade up and into the wheel’s core like strong veins carrying blue blood. The Mercedes AVTR stands silently in the dark and glows like the moon, and it’s something amazing to see for yourself.

Lamborghini Vision GT

Lamborghini’s motto when designing cars has always been to “Expect the Unexpected” – but there is one thing which we can always expect from Lamborghini which has been to design cars of the utmost quality that aim to impress with their style and precision.

It’s as clear as the blue sky that the minds at Lamborghini continue to piece together masterpieces in automobile engineering, seeing as the Vision GT boasts a 6.5litre V-12 engine, with 48-Volt mild-hybrid system. The exterior of the GT drips with a sharp, and fortified personality, encasing the vehicle like a suit of shining armour.

Exhilarating horsepower that dares to exceed the 800hp mark, a max torque of 38Nms, and a top speed of over 350km/h. It’s unbelievable that this car reaches the torching speeds of an F1/Nascar racing car, something most regular commercial cars are virtually incapable of.

With steel hexagons lining the faces of the wheels, and a robust frame fit for a warrior, it’s easy to see why this consistently ranks high in car enthusiast circles. The piercing edges and steel roads lining the many faces of this beauty stand out. This just simply isn’t a look many other cars could attempt to pull off, let alone hope to achieve.

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