£2.5 billion of day-to-day revenue funded for NHS England
8th July, 2024

The 2024 Spring Budget carried two large announcements for the NHS and medical sectors across the UK.

In their spring budget, the government revealed that there was an additional £2.5 billion of daily revenue funding being put into the NHS for 2024/2025. This will give a combined total of departmental expenditure to a sum of £179.6 billion for the whole of the UK. However, England alone will use £164.9 billion of the funding, due to inflation.

The chancellor also announced a new public services review for the NHS with the aim to improve the productivity of NHS staff and improve the experience for patients.

Accessibility and service for patients will receive a £430 million investment, helping to provide more choices, including virtual appointments and follow ups. Over the space of 5 years, this is expected to save over £2.5 billion. 


Virtual doctors appointments could save £4 billion for the NHS.

Virtual doctors appointments could save £2.5+ billion for the NHS.


In order to reduce admin tasks, including excessive paperwork, filing etc, £1 billion will be invested into reducing data output. Reduced admin will not only reduce the mass of unproductive work from staff, but produce £4 billion of savings in the coming 5 years.

In order to reduce even further time-wasted, an update to IT systems and equipment will receive a £2 billion investment. They delay caused from outdated equipment and systems is estimated to amount to 13 million hours in just doctors alone. This investment should save £4 billion over 5 years.

Reporting against this new scheme is set to begin towards the end of 2024, once the budget has been reviewed, and will be reported at a national, Integrated Care Board, and trust level.


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