5 Tips For Effective WFH
26th April, 2024

Five tips to help employees stay efficient while working from home

Device downtime isn’t the only factor that can impact how productive a business is when adopting hybrid working structures. Employees themselves can also take proactive steps to make sure they remain productive and efficient when working at home. Businesses should encourage and enable employees to do the following:

1. Communicate properly

When working remotely, it can be all too easy to neglect communication. But remote workers need to ensure they stay in touch with colleagues to remain abreast of updates, to ensure they’re effectively engaged and to make sure they stay motivated. It’s key for business leaders to also communicate effectively with employees about any potential software updates and what employees need to do to ensure any devices are working effectively.

2. Time and task management

Effectively managing tasks and time can ensure remote employees stay focussed, make efficient use of their time, and deliver work when required. Project management tools are essential to track deliverables, whilst managers should regularly check in with employees to understand the progress of tasks and provide any help where needed. One particular advantage of hybrid working is that it allows time in the office to be used for face to face and time at home for meeting deadlines.

3. Taking holiday

Taking time away from work can give a mental break and help employees recharge, meaning they return to work feeling energised and motivated. Employees should be encouraged to use all of their holiday allowance, as tired and burnt out team members will be unproductive and inefficient.

4. Turn personal devices off

One of the greatest risks of remote working is the temptation to give in to distractions, particularly personal devices like phones and tablets. Encouraging employees to create dedicated workspaces free from personal devices as well turning devices off, can help make sure they avoid such distractions. It will keep productivity and efficiency levels high.

5. Device timers

To aid with the above and reduce the temptation of distraction, employees can also download device timers to phones, tablets, and computers that allow apps to be locked and only used for specific amounts of time.

Device downtime can impact employee and business performance, particularly when employees are working remotely, and devices are located off-site. However, a range of tools are available to IT managers to reduce downtime and to manage remote devices. Coupled with policies to keep your employees productive, businesses can remain efficient whilst adopting new hybrid working structures.

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