5 Ways To Be More Organised
24th November, 2023

We all have them moments where were running late, we’ve left something at home, or we can’t find what we need. It’s called being unorganised. It’s easy to find an excuse for not being organised- ‘I’ll do it in the morning’, ‘I’ll find it in a minute’ or ‘I’ll do it closer to the day’. Sometimes (most of the time) we don’t do this and end up running around, driving ourselves crazy, all because we weren’t prepared. Well, here are 5 tips/suggestions to help you improve your organisational skills.

Checklist- Something so simple can be so effective. Waking up every morning and writing out all the tasks you need to complete, whether big tasks or little tasks, can help you prioritise them and plan your day before its even begun. For this all you need is a notepad/diary and a pen, and the rest is history. As you complete a task, check it of the list or put a line through it so that you know it is done. Doing this daily will become a simple routine for you to follow, so do it!

Calendar- There’s 365 days in a year, you can’t be expected to remember everything you have coming up. What you need is somewhere to store all the information, dates, notes etc in one place that you can always refer back to. A good recommendation for this is to invest in a calendar. Choose a calendar that suits you and fill it in with all the reminders that you may need throughout the week/month/year and watch as you become that bit more prepared.


Reduce clutter- If your one of those people that likes to collect things or ‘look after’ them for a lot longer then you need to, this may be why you aren’t ad organised as you would like to be. Being surrounded by hundreds of different items may be causing confusion in your head, how are you supposed to concentrate on just one thing, or find just one thing when there are plenty other things to look past? Therefore, there is a simple solution to this problem- a spring clean. Removing any items that may be causing clutter around you can help you to clear your head and allow you to prepare yourself. Try it and see what your results are.

Delegate tasks- Do you ever feel like you’ve got a hundred and one things to do and not enough hours in the day? That’s completely normal, but its not the best way to approach tasks. In order to get everything done to a good standard, evaluate the tasks that need completing and whether it is something that needs to come directly from you. Is there someone better suited? Can someone assist? Delegating tasks to others may be what you need to help you organise remaining tasks. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Manage time- we are all guilty of getting distracted and eventually, we’ve spent hours on something that should have taken five minutes. Then, were running late, were behind on what we need to be and stress levels have reached a maximum. In order to stop doing this, time management is going to be your new best friend. Tell yourself how long you’re going to spend on a task and then prioritise your time to ensure it gets done. Cutting out all distractions will be a massive help with this, you don’t need to spend longer getting distracted then you are getting stuff done!

If your interested in becoming more organised, a diary is what you need!!

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