50 Million Face Masks Recalled Because the Straps aren’t Tight
23rd August, 2020

Fifty million face masks bought by the UK for the National Health Service are being recalled “because the straps aren’t tight” enough but we have the right face masks with “ties” in stock.

Niche Office Solutions Ltd has seen the need for suitable face masks. We are currently supplying Type IIR surgical CE Approved face masks with ties.


Image of Type IIR surgical masks CE approved breathable tie masks

Image of Type IIR surgical masks CE approved breathable tie masks

The slogan Keep the NHS safe, has taken on a new meaning in light of recent activities. According to BBC news, fifty million face masks supplied to the NHS have been recalled.  The government has deemed that the masks unfit as they do not fit the frontline healthcare workers tightly enough. The masks feature ear-loop fasteners instead of head tie fasteners, which may not fit the frontline healthcare workers tightly enough.

The government recalled the masks after The Good Law Project, a non-profit legal-rights organization, launched a legal challenge over the government’s PPE contracts. The face masks were purchased from Ayanda Capital. Ayanda supplied the NHS with personal protective equipment including the FFP2 respirator masks that were recalled as included in a contract valued at £252 million. FFP2 respirator masks were the most costly masks supplied in the contract. These masks were designed specifically to protect the NHS frontline healthcare workers from inhaling harmful particles.

Ayanda has contested the claims against their unsuitability stating that the masks met the requirements, initially set out by the government. Extensive checks were carried out prior to the company supplying these masks. Also mentioned, these masks could have been deemed unfit in the initial testing stage prior to the masks being supplied to the NHS.

Nevertheless, the masks will not be used by the NHS due to the concern as to whether they would fit properly.

The Reason Behind the 50 Million Face Mask Recall

The government had the pressure of finding reliable personal protective equipment at the beginning of the pandemic. Businessman Andrew Mills proposed that the government purchase the face masks from Ayanda Capital as opposed to his own company Propermill as the payment arrangements could be finalised more quickly. Mr Mills denies having played a role in the having the contract passed to Ayanda Capital.