A Quick History On World Chocolate Day
22nd November, 2021

Going back over 2,500 years the origins of chocolate can be traced back to the Aztecs. They loved this newly created liquid chocolate so much that they credited the “God of Wisdom”, Quetzalcoatl, with bestowing it on them. They even used the cocoa seeds used to grow the beans as a form of currency. In its original form this chocolate was very bitter. It wasn’t until the 16th Century that Europeans added sugar to it to turn it into one of our favourite sweets, that has become a regular purchase for most households.

Many present-day chocolate manufacturers began their operations in the 19th and early 20th centuries, with Cadbury’s beginning theirs in England, in 1868. Nestle also began in the 1860’s and has grown into one of the largest multi business entities in the food industry.

You may not be aware but chocolate is actually a fermented food. Once the cacao pods have been picked they are dried and then the cacao beans are fermented. Chocolatiers then grind the crumbled bits of dried cacao beans, separating them into cocoa solids and cocoa butter, which they then combine them with milk and sugar. If its white chocolate that is being made, then it’s just the chocolate butter with milk and sugar. It’s definitely worth celebrating this process, especially considering how much thought goes into making the chocolate. Every Chocolatier has different way of making their product and ideas that are all popular across the world.


Although some would love to celebrate this day every day, the chocolate day gives you the perfect opportunity to sample it in different ways:


Without a shred of doubt chocolate is one of the world’s most popular flavours and probably the most loved tastes across the 7 continents. It has often been lovingly talked about as the magic bean, and without a doubt is worth celebrating throughout the year as well as on “World Chocolate Day”. Everyone loves it, and the endless recipes that it can be used in makes it nothing less than amazing and a must for you household shopping.

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