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Niche Healthcare – Bridging the gap between healthcare and quality medical equipment

We are Niche Healthcare, a subsidiary of Niche Office Solutions Ltd. Our mission is to provide the latest and most innovative medical equipment to improve how we provide healthcare services for our number one priority, our customers.

We specialise in providing hospitals and other healthcare organisations, such as care homes and dentistry practices – particularly focusing within the neonatal and maternity services–with cutting-edge medical products, bringing our experience, knowledge, and high-quality service to healthcare providers in the UK.

Fulfilling the need for innovative healthcare technology

Since 2012, we’ve been working in the healthcare industry. Our experience has equipped us with a strong understanding of the world of healthcare. Over the years, we’ve continued to work towards establishing our presence and having a more in-depth understanding of the segments we work with.

Innovations in healthcare technology have paved the way for enhanced patient diagnosis and treatment. These ground-breaking advancements have enabled healthcare providers to deliver better patient-centric care.

Our Supply Chain

We’re collaborating with reliable and reputable healthcare partners such as Zebra Technologies, Phillips Healthcare, Baxter, BD, Cardinal Health, Medtronic and Siemens to bring you an extensive and carefully curated selection of high-grade medical equipment, exceptional services, and competitive prices.

Along with these key aspects, we’re working with partners like Zebra Technologies to deliver improved data connectivity, patient identity management, real-time locating systems, and mobile health for collaborative care for both healthcare organisations and patients.

We recognise that bringing quality medical equipment and technology is a collaborative effort, which we cannot achieve without our reliable supply chain. Our partners are continuously working towards our quality accreditation processes and industry standards.

In our journey to bring you state-of-the-art healthcare technology and equipment, we’re grateful to continue working with partners who are supporting our service proposition for our customers.

Our Focus

We actively engage with our customers through research, clinical trials, and case studies to bring a more thorough understanding of your individual needs and objectives. This also enables us to offer and deliver customised services that match your needs without compromising their quality and your finances.

We’re working towards making healthcare providers and establishments more fully equipped to properly deal with unexpected or major health crises. The need to adapt rapidly to changing circumstances demands continued innovation and foresight from our existing healthcare systems. Without the proper healthcare equipment, hospitals and clinics won’t be able to fully diagnose and treat their patients.

We bring innovation to healthcare systems by addressing the gaps in healthcare and medical technology.

Bringing employment, investment, and innovation

We bridge the gap between healthcare and quality medical equipment while providing employment to our dedicated and hard-working team. Over the years, we’ve also made several significant investments in our business, including clinical trials, expanding our brand overseas, and the production of our own branded products. Our healthcare continues to incorporate innovation, playing an integral role in the country’s scientific community.

This has allowed for continued brand growth, which, in turn, has enabled us to vastly increase our supply chain. Already operating within the UK, we’re looking to cater and communicate to a more international marketplace. We’re currently working on further expanding our operations within Europe so we can introduce more successful clinical trials.

We’re proud to work with 85% of the NHS sector within the UK.

Let us know how we can help your organisation’s goals. Get in touch with us to learn more about our efforts to innovate the country’s supply of healthcare technology and equipment.


If you have any additional questions, drop us an email at info@nicheofficesolutions.co.uk 

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