Are flip phones back?
24th November, 2023

The world revolves around phones now. Everyone has one. Every year consecutively, brands compete like children to showcase the world yet another version of the same phone at an even more ridiculous price. There have been some questionable contenders over the past few years. However, this year Samsung did something millennials thought they would never have to face. Samsung introduced and released their own version of the “flip-phone”.

Flip phones were extremely common back in the day. You could never do much on them- play snake, take awful-quality pictures and listen to limited music. All be it, they were a fashion statement to say the least. Flip-phones paved the way for Y2K fashion trends for a serious period of time. Thankfully, they are not as common, or at least they weren’t.

Samsung release the first flip phone since the early 2000's.

Samsungs twist on the flip-phone embraces the more modern version of society. Less of the square, small screen, as Samsung have introduced a rotatable, landscape screen. If you ask me, this totally contradicts the idea of a flip phone. As does the keypad. The basic memories of flip phones begin with the tiny keypad which you had to click again and again until you got the letter or number you wanted. Yes, it took a while, but now looking back on it, it’s truly iconic. Its not like we’ve got today- touch screen phones, no home button and hundreds of different keys.

The Samsung flip-phone merges together old and new trends- a smart phone that you can fold in half. Besides the folding dynamic, there are really no similarities between the new and old version of the flip-phone. So why would Samsung do this? maybe, they were looking to switch up the market and scare their competitors. Or, maybe they were running out of ideas and this is where they ended up. Either way, the Samsung flip phone has gained a lot of attention online, with some being positive and some being negative.

Older people and millennials can remember the original, hence feeling a slight state of nostalgia. They remember having one as a kid. However, the gen-z’s of today are failing to understand the hype. And, to be honest, I totally agree with them. Yes, brining the flip-phone back has gained attention for Samsung, but with big competitors like Apple dominating the market, is a flip-phone really enough?

Will you be purchasing a Samsung flip-phone or will you stick to what you know?


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