Are You Aware of PREM 7?
24th November, 2023

To help reduce the number of preterm infant deaths and brain injuries, PREM 7 was introduced. The 7 steps that should be taken after an infant is born pre-term were laid out with the aim to help enforce a process that could potentially save hundreds of premature infants lives.

We at Niche Healthcare are particularly interested in two of the salient points of PREM 7- steps 6 & 7.

PREM 7 is the NHS guide for premature births and caring for them in their first few days.

PREM 7- pre term use

Step 6 regards temperature of the premature infant and how the temperature should be monitored to remain at the normal/average temperature for any infant born before 34 weeks. The temperature in discussion is recommended at 36.5 – 37.5 degrees. At Niche Healthcare, we are passionate about preventing infant hypothermia and ensuring that babies are kept at optimum temperature at all time. In doing this, we have released multiple products designed to suit the temperature needs of an infant, premature or not.

The first is the Infant Warmer Mattress which is ideal for use when transporting babies between different wards/units/hospitals etc as this can cause major drops in temperature, especially when babies bodies rapidly lose heat through convection.

Alternatively, we have the Embrace warmer which uses electricity to supply a steady temperature for up to 5 hours at a time. It is a reusable device that is easily cleaned, set up and monitored. The embrace warmer can be used as a portable device and is ideal for premature infants to fight against infant hypothermia.

Step 7 discusses the need for maternal breast milk to be given to any pre-term baby within the first 24 hours of the infants life. This is crucial in providing the baby food and key nutrients it needs for growth and development. At Niche Healthcare, we recognise the importance of this step, but also the obstacles that may get in the way of this.

One of the biggest obstacles for breastfeeding mothers is mastitis. Mastitis can prevent mothers from nursing due to the immense pain it can cause. To reduce the pain, we have introduced the Breast Gel Pad which helps aid women breastfeeding by providing relief to some of the main symptoms of mastitis.

The Breast Gel Pad can be used hot or cold to either reduce inflammation or to encourage milk flow and unblocking of the milk ducts. The design of the pad allows the aid to be used whilst breastfeeding, meaning that comfort is provided during the process and is not delayed.

If you want to know more about PREM 7 and how it works, you can read all about it on the NHS website, including the guidelines and the hospital trusts taking part.

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