Autumn/Winter Office Must Haves
24th November, 2023

5 Office Essentials This Autumn/Winter

With summer behind us, dark cold nights are upon us. Soon, we will be waking up when its dark and leaving work when its dark. We understand that working through the winter can be tough, but we want to make it as easy and as comforting as we can.

Coffee machine and/or kettle

Having an endless supply of hot drinks, like tea and coffee, is going to be great in helping you get through the winter working days. Having a hot drink may not only keep you warm in the office but help you through any cold and flu symptoms you may have as a result of the bad weather. Plus, the added caffeine can be helpful when you’re feeling extra tired.

Air Purifier

Although it might seem random, air purifiers are a really good idea for having in the office all year round, not just in winter. We all attract illness at some point throughout winter and brining it to the office is a definite no. Air purifiers help to keep the air as germ free as possible meaning you can work without worrying if your colleagues are spreading winter germs!

A Warm Winter Wardrobe

Long coats, earmuffs, and fluffy socks, three very important components to a winter wardrobe. If you want to keep yourself warm whilst working through winter, investing in some warm clothes is a must! Also, a good pair of boots for winter working is an essential: comfy and stylish. No one should have to endure cold days without a good winter wardrobe to keep them warm and motivated.

Endless Tissue Supply

Cold and flu during the winter time is awful. Mixed with the cold weather and exhaustion, cold and flu can really wipe you out. No one likes the endless sniffling and the blocked nose. That’s why, it is important that you are stocked up on boxes of tissue. Employees are going to be sniffling and feeling under-the-weather, but this is a lovely gesture to keep them going.

Hot Air Supply

Last but not least, a nice, warm heater is vital! Whether it is a desk heater, foot heater, industrial size heater or just popping the radiators on. Keeping the work environment nice and warm is so important to keep employees comfy and concentrated.

We want everyone to stay safe this winter and pay close attention to themselves and their health. We know how hard it can be to work through the bad conditions, but with the above products, we hope we can make it slightly easier and a lot more comforting.


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