Custom Nursing Knowledge Cards
22nd March, 2024

Customisable Nursing Knowledge Cards!

We created a set of 5 nursing knowledge cards that each include little reminders and methods commonly used in paediatric and neonatal nursing. The set of 5 cards each contain a different aspect of nursing that can be used everyday.

Card 1 – Normal Vital Ranges In Paediatrics

This card contains the Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate and Systolic BP expected for babies, up to adolescents. This has the different ranges for each category for each different age group.


Normal Vital Ranges In Paediatrics Design.

Normal Vital Ranges In Paediatrics Design.


Card 2 – P.E.W.S

The Paediatric Early Warning System judges the behaviours and health of children to determine the level of urgency for care and caution. This judges Behaviour, Cardio Vascular, Respiration and gives an overall ‘score’ which helps indicate the urgency.


Paediatric Early Warning Score (PEWS) Design.

Paediatric Early Warning Score (PEWS) Design.


Card 3 – APGAR Scoring System

This card is similar to the to the PEWS card, expect it includes more details and is used for smaller, younger babies who require care. The card judges their Activity, Pulse, Grimace, Appearance and Respiration. Each category is judged/scored to give an overall indication. At the bottom, there is a key which suggests what level of care and urgency the baby requires, depending on their response to the above.


APGAR Scoring System

APGAR Scoring System.


Card 4 – Paediatric Skill Development

This card assesses the development of children’s language and social skills, from the ge of 6 weeks, up until 4 years old. This helps point out where should be with their independence and development as they grow. However, this is just an indication, all children grow and develop at different rates. 


Paediatric Skill Development.

Paediatric Skill Development.


Card 5 – Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Gross and fine motor skills are what we develop as we grow. This includes learning to use both big and little muscles to complete everyday tasks. This can range from lifting your own head up as a baby, to writing your name. This card gives a guide of what skills children develop first and what we should expect as children grow.


Gross and Fine Motor Skills.

Gross and Fine Motor Skills.


Even better, our cards are customisable! We are happy to add your logo to the cards, and even a name for a more personal touch.

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