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14th December, 2020



Over the past year, throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and the WFH scheme, the importance of Cyber Security has become massively relevant to the thousands of companies forced to work from home. With a heightened dependency on digital infrastructure, the internet has mostly been the number one channel for both interaction and work.

Initially, it was thought that the only form of cybercrime to concern oneself with is the invasion and manipulation of financial data, however as cybercrime continues to evolve, new threats are emerging every minute.

And without an experienced in-house technical team at every individual’s disposal, cyber-attacks suddenly became a pressing matter to those of us to who it was usually a side thought. The notion of transferring entire work lives into homes and merely coping throughout the pandemic, alongside the thought of protecting both individual and business data has cause unnecessary distress with many.

Cyberattacks are known to spike when disturbances occur. As experts have realised the pattern of hackers exploiting the distraction provided, utilising the lack of attention as a prime time to strike. Hence why educating yourself on staying safe from cybercrime has become more important than ever.


How to equip your defence

Develop the basic digital literacy skills. Much of cybercrime often stems from simple phishing, but without a personal team to monitor emails that are coming in, many individuals may not have the keen eye of noticing corrupt content. Keeping up to date with the latest trends that hackers are implementing to infect mailboxes, can often be the difference between spotting a sneaky virus or permitting the hacker vital access to your information.

Use strong passwords. An expression which has no doubt been reiterated over the course of everyone’s lifetime. Again, this has become more important than ever, if a hacker does manage to infiltrate a chapter of your data, the last thing you want is for them to be able to access the whole book. Use completely random passwords, utilising a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols. A great example of a password for instance is; Ch3rRyB!0s$om7. Remember, avoid using any personal information, or anything that can be found online, such as on your social media accounts.

Invest in a full-service security suite. These types of programmes can provide all round internet protection to detect threats and enable Malware prevention. Although on a subscription-based period, they can be extremely handy to diminish threats of cyber-attacks. Read on below for exclusive access and offers to our choice of cyber defence here at Niche Office Solutions.

Keep software updated. Although many of us will view the latest OS update and decide they may be more time consuming than possibly worth, the updates really are more necessary than we think. Cyber attacks frequently occur within software’s littered with flaws, which hackers have managed to exploit over time. Updates often work towards strengthening these imperfections, making it harder to be a victim of cybercrime.  

Keep up to date with any security breaches. Arming yourself with knowledge of the latest techniques popular with cyber attackers can be a vital defence for maintaining safe online. You also need to keep up to date with any breaches within companies and merchants which you are associated with, find out what information has been compromised, and change this information immediately.

These are just a few of the strategies you can employ to maintain good defence against cybercrime, many more can be found online, as well as through cybersecurity consultants.


Dell Technologies

Among our partners at Niche Office Solutions Ltd, Dell Technologies is one of the most clued- in technology businesses in terms of the importance of cyber security, and can offer industry leading services to help protect, detect, and defeat potential security breaches.


Dell Technologies’ portfolio of Cyber Resilience solutions and services, including Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery, provides the highest levels of protection, integrity and confidentiality for the most valuable data and critical business systems.


Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery

Proven, modern and intelligent, Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery automates workflows to protect and isolate critical data, identify suspicious activity, and accelerate recovery to allow organizations to quickly resume normal business operations.

With our help, we can guide individuals and businesses towards championing complete data protection and an optimised IT infrastructure. Discover more below, or by phoning one of the team today.


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