Device Downtime Affecting Your Business?
10th May, 2024

What is device downtime?

Device downtime is a period where a device remains inactive or is not available for use when it’s needed. It can be caused by improper configuration and installation, technical faults, missing parts, resource outages (like no ink or paper for printers), lack of storage capacity, software problems, network issues, lost or mismatched user credentials and passwords, and user error.

How can device downtime directly affect businesses?

Remote devices that can’t be accessed and used when needed can:

Three tips to reduce technical device downtime

Whilst managing devices remotely can introduce new challenges, effective solutions to these challenges exist. They include:

1. Hardware updates

Remote devices should be updated regularly with new patches and software to ensure they remain secure and in working order. Many devices can be updated remotely from central locations, using remote software management tools.

2. Brother’s Printer Device Manager

With our free BRAdmin Professional 4 software, you can manage the status and performance of a fleet of printers, including both central and remote printers. BRAdmin Professional 4 allows you to track use and resources from a central interface, helping you identify and address potential printer downtime before it happens.

3. Brother’s Remote Panel

Our Remote Panel upgrade allows compatible Brother devices in remote locations to be accessed for real-time troubleshooting. Faults and errors can be addressed remotely by IT managers in central offices, preventing remote device downtime.


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