Does Your Office Have These?
24th November, 2023

If you’re an owner of a company, or managing a group of people, most of the time the ball is in your court. Even when it comes to comfort in the office. Now, everyone that works in an office knows that when your comfy and relaxed working is so much easier. But, how can we improve the comfort of your office, you may ask? Well, here are five things you can do and buy to get your office feeling the comfy work vibes:


  1. Having a Kettle

Although it seems so cliché and basic, a good cup of tea/coffee at work can make you feel so much better. Minds gone blank? Make a cuppa. Just got out a long meeting? Make a cuppa. There’s every excuse to make a cup of tea and your going to need a kettle to do that, so consider that my first office essential. (However, I will accept a coffee machine also.)

  1. Whiteboards

Although they may not improve comfort, they defiantly improve work-ability. Having a whiteboard is like having someone there to constantly remind you of what you should be doing. For example, have you got a really important deadline coming up? Write it on your whiteboard and I guarantee you won’t miss it. They are very good for jotting quick notes, planning your week or even just putting small reminders. Life saver!

  1. Post-it notes

How handy are post-it notes? They are so easy to use and convenient to have around for literally whenever. There s nothing you cant use a post-it note for. Plus, they come in all different shapes and sizes so you can customise them to however you want for whatever you want. With a post-it note, you can write quick message, take small notes and write tats that need completing without having to carry around and use a massive notepad. And, they can be thrown away once you have complete the post-it note- no taring out pages and throwing them away.

  1. Indoor plants

The benefits of indoor plants are something not many people are aware of. You may look at them and think they are pointless, but they are known to improve work and concentration. The indoor plant craze might not be just a craze because if a single plant is what you need to crack down at work and get stuff done, it’s a small sacrifice with big pay out. Plus, they are thought to improve oxygenation within smaller spaces and provide a happier, less anxious environment. Win win!

  1. Fans and heaters

In my opinion, the wrong temperature in the office sets your day of to the wrong start. If its cold outside, you want to work in and be hit by the heat. If its warm it, you want to know that there is a fan waiting to cool you throughout the day. Well, we can make sure that this is the case every time by having fans and heaters available. Too hot? Get a fan. Too cold? Grab a heater. They are the perfect solutions to maintaining a workable temperature, otherwise heat is going to be your number one priority.


These are just some of the essentials for your office, each one provides a different , but honest reason as to why you should probably invest today!


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