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21st June, 2021

How can you measure the performance of a barcode scanner? By its speed? By its durability? Or its abilities? Zebra considers every aspect of what makes a scanner great and offers their customers devices that hit five stars on EVERY barcode scanning feature.

1D barcodes and scanners are fast floating out of existence, most barcodes that make their way to your Point of Sale are now 2D. Which your 1D scanner cannot detect. With Zebra’s DS2200 series, you can scan it all. With either the corded DS2208 or the cordless DS2278, the DS2200 series has the ability to offer you everything that you, and your customers require.

Easy to deploy

Ready to use right out the box.

Easy integration with a tablet-based POS- The DS2200 series offers high quality scanning for your tablet-based POS, the Micro USB cable provides a low-cost charging alternative to a cradle. You can even configure and update the DS2200 scanners from your tablet POS with Zebra’s simplified app development tools.

Easily Customise settings with 123Scan

The 123Scan software tool makes embedding settings into a single programming barcode simple and enables you to configure your devices with a single scan.

Compatible with Zebra LS2208 series cables

If you are using Zebra’s 1D LS2208 scanners, you can also use the same universal cables with the DS2200 scanners, minimising upgrade costs, and waste, and enabling you to utilise all accessories.

Easy to use

With instant decoding from Zebra’s PRZM software, the DS2200 series results in first time, and every time scanning, regardless of poor-quality barcodes. Optimised to recognise even the most awkward barcodes and resulting in improved productivity within your workplace.

Improved scanning range

Employees are now able to scan across a wide range (0.5 in./1.23 cm to 14.5 in./36.8 cm) and with omni-directional scanning. Without the experience differing drastically from 1D scanners, resulting in an enhanced familiar experience.

Switch between handheld and hands-free scanning

Utilise the presentation stand to automatically switch to hands-free mode, with no change of settings required.

Easy to manage

Control your scanners from a smartphone, tablet or PC

You can easily control the beeper, LED and Symbology settings. Display scammed barcode data, access model and serial number information and more from Windows, Android and IOS hosts.

No cost tools to meet advanced management and application development needs

If you have imagers in multiple locations, you can remotely manage them all with Zebra’s Scanner Management Service application (SMS) whereas their Scanner Software Development Kits (SDKs) provide a custom scanning application. Providing everything you need, including documentation, drivers, test utilities and sample source code for Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux.

Watch this video: Zebra: A legacy of leading-edge scanners here.

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