Fujitsu in the Public Sector
12th March, 2020

The public sectors ability to cope with austerity is very much reliant upon technology and the efficiencies and increased productivity that can be achieved through their use. Advances in technological development has seen it become less reliant upon human intervention as its autonomy has allowed staff to focus on more complex issues that can’t be resolved through technology.

Recent technological breakthroughs in scanners have seen new features marketed that include uninterrupted operations, with Automatic Separation Control features. This helps to reduce the level of re-scans that are required as the need for manual roller adjustments are not required. The level of intuition that the latest scanners have allows them to deal with simple operations without having to compromise on functionality.

Fujitsu in the Public Sector

Fujitsu in the Public Sector


Fujitsu in the NHS

The diminishing funds with which the NHS is having to meet ever increasing demands means that the challenges they are facing requires greater levels of efficiency and cost effectiveness in order that they can keep within their budgets. The availability of information when and where it is required, such as patient records, is of the utmost importance and is crucial to the delivery of evidenced based care, by Doctors and Nurses. The efficient and effective management of records will ensure that all information can be easily found and is available at the touch of a button.

The fact the Microsoft are no longer supporting Windows 7 (e.g. through bug fixes or security patches) has meant that all healthcare environments had become vulnerable to viruses and malware attacks. Fujitsu have stepped in though to alleviate the problem and update all healthcare environments with newer models and industry leading features.

Additional fund have now been made available by the UK Government to help support modernisation and digitisation within the NHS and to encourage them to make the most of technology.

Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, said that “We’re going to use digital technology to ease the burden on staff, give people the tools and information to manage their own healthcare, and make sure that patient data can be safely accessed wherever and whenever it’s needed across the system.” “It’s quite simple: better tech means better health and social care.”

Fujitsu in Government

Fujitsu has collaborated closely with the UK government over the past 40 years, to help empower them, through the use of digital technologies. Through their work with local government bodies Fujitsu have helped to introduce change within the public sector and make a difference to people’s lives. Data security requirements around the sharing of files is not attainable using physical hard copies. However through the use of technology and the latest scanners documents can be password protected with a restricted view.

Fujitsu in Education

Technology plays an important part in all educational environments. The need for a reliable document cannot be understated as it enables schools, colleges and universities to heighten their levels of efficiency that surround their internal processes. The introduction and increased use of scanners has enabled most educational establishments to save time, reduce costs and create space by embracing this digital technology.

Further advancements in technology has seen tablets and smartphones being linked to scanners enabling their use in the classroom environment where information can be scanned directly into these devices.

Students, with the help of Fujitsu, are now empowered to access their work at any time they want to. Innovative technology has seen students  given the capability to work from home at a pace best suited to their own personal circumstances. This frees up more teacher time to focus face to face interactive teaching. Fujitsu have been able to help with this due to the decades of experience they have amassed in developing and implementing affordable and effective technology.

Reasons Scanners are Popular in the Public Sector

Create Space

Fujitsu’s fi-800R features ‘return scan’. Having the “Reverse Scan” functionality allows users to collect their documentation from the point of entry, providing that it is no more than 5mm thick. Were space is of a premium this is the ideal machine to use.

GDPR Compliant

The increased demand for security and control is being driven by GDPR by business aware of the requirements in respect of holding and sharing data.  Fujitsu scanners monitor individual files and scan jobs, ensuring all sensitive data is safely digested, filed and stored. Public sector sections that share a great number of PDF files, document restrictions for password protection functionality prohibit unauthorised file opening.

Easily Share Files

With the development of technology enabling reduced cost scanners can be a part of any public sector environment, from front office desks to crowded teachers and consultants’ desks. These latest high tech scanners can now connect directly to PCs, BYODs and cloud services, enabling direct data delivery to IT applications, streamlining collaboration between departments.

Retrieve Documents Easily

On average an employee can take around 37 minutes to find a single paper file. Conversely a digital stored document is easily saved in relevant folders and easily found in a fraction of the time.

Increase Productivity

Digital referenced and stored information removes the need for the original document which increases productivity along with the time saved during retrieval.

Secure Storage    

Storing and backing up your digital documents makes it easier to retrieve them in the event the original document is corrupted, lost or destroyed. 


Fujitsu FI800R A4 Personal Document Scanner

Fujitsu FI800R A4 Personal Document Scanner

£348.91 Exc. VAT

If you are looking for an ultra compact scanner then the fi-800R is designed to fit into any limited space. Designed with Dual Path Mechanism and Return Scan that enables the scanning of robust ID and passport cards and U-turn Scan that enables continuous scanning. The scanner automatically changes to the appropriate path depending on the location that documents are loaded so that mixed groups can be scanned without stopping to change scanning paths or software profile settings.



Fujitsu FI-7160 A4 Departmental Document Scanner

Fujitsu FI-7160 A4 Departmental Document Scanner

£594.20 Exc. VAT


Fujitsu  fi-7180, fi-7280, fi-7160 and fi-7260 desktop scanners are designed to be quick, compact and intuitive and are designed and equipped to  process your documents into the digital world.


• Increase levels of productivity, collaboration and customer satisfaction;
• Meet legal, regulatory obligations and disaster recovery tasks;
• Save room and cash; &
• Address sustainability management.

These are the first desktop scanners in the world equipped with Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection. This means that they can pick up changes in the acoustic noise that is generated by paper and enhances the paper feeding process. Their design incorporates innovatively developed hardware and software which will help augment your daily objectives and increase the establishment’s efficiency.