Going Paperless With Fujitsu
24th November, 2023

Paper wastage is something all companies should be avoiding. Striving to go paperless is ideally the end goal that all companies and offices should work towards. This can save companies money and build up a good reputation by helping the environment. Therefore, companies should be moving to going completely paperless where possible.

Digitalising all paperwork will help with file storage and management. Sometimes, when we are filing so much paperwork we can loose certain documents and put ourselves in a difficult situation. The filing process can be a long and drawn-out, especially if you are having to follow certain processes. However, in the modern world, there are many ways that we can avoid this, including digital paperwork scanners. 

Have you ever had to clean out archived paperwork?

Paperwork built up over the course of a few weeks can be scary when it comes to getting rid. There can be piles and piles and papers that need sorting, each one individually decided whether it is to be kept or binned. Depending on how much paperwork you have, this can take days and a lot of hard work and resilience. The only positive to come from this is if you lost some paperwork a few years ago, there’s a chance you might be reunited. Having all your documents stored digitally may help to reduce the stress of finding and safely storing manual copies. Why do this when you can have it all at the touch of a button?

Digital Accessibility

Having all paperwork digitally accessible is much easier from a communication perspective. Sharing documents and making amendments can be made simpler if you are working with digital files instead of paper documents. With digitalised paperwork there is less fear surrounding security- your documents will be filed and stored how you want them and accessible to only you. This eliminates the fear of losing them and them getting destroyed. All in all, there is less risk of loss, destruction, and theft.

In contrast, digital paperwork may not be for everyone. There are still risks to digital copies that sometimes cannot be helped. For example, digital paperwork is sometimes only accessible with internet connections, which isn’t always reliable. Having digital paperwork that is stored on computers exposes them to viruses and hacking.

Whether you choose to digitalise your paperwork or not, there are many ways you can do this. Fujitsu have worked to create the best technology to help encourage brands to go paperless. There range of ScanSnap scanners allow you to digitalise and scan all your papers to be uploaded and filed on computers. This allows you to safely transfer and store your paperwork to your computer.

The Fujitsu scanner range can scan up to 30 documents in 60 seconds, while cleaning each file at the same time! The documents can be easily exported into multiple platforms, including Word, Powerpoint and Excel as they are turned into PDF’s to assist handling the documents and creating flexible and easily-edited documents. 

To find out more about how Fujitsu can help you to go paperless and why you should invest in going paperless, read more here https://scanners.us.fujitsu.com/blog/how-going-paperless-completely-transformed-my-productivity-and-success.


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