Good News – Welsh Heel Warmer Contract!
8th May, 2024

We have some exciting new to share. Our Niche Infant Heel Warmers have been contracted with all Welsh Health Boards! This means, you will be seeing a lot more of the Heel Warmers over in Welsh hospitals.

Certain Welsh health boards have been using the Heel Warmers since their launch back in 2021, with various departments enjoying using them within their own processes.

For those who don’t know what we mean by ‘Infant Heel Warmer’, this is a product that was designed by Niche Healthcare back in 2020. The heel warmer is essentially a small sachet that is heated up by folding in half and activating. The sachet has an adhesive strip attached to it which allows it to be secured to the heel of an infant.

When the Heel Warmer is placed around the heel and held for up to 3 minutes, blood circulation is known to improve. This is then beneficial when blood tests/withdrawals are being taken from the infant. This is a process that is commonly completed within the first 2 weeks of a baby’s life. However, it is also common for the blood test to have to be repeated due to difficulty withdrawing the blood or a sample not being deemed ‘good enough’.

Since the launch of the Heel Warmers, we have sent out over 400 boxes of samples to over 90% of UK and Ireland hospitals to trial. This has resulted in hundreds of orders and now a very major contract with Wales!

If you want to know more about the Heel Warmers and how the initial trial went, below is just some of the feedback we received on the products:

Niche Infant Heel Warmers Feedback From Trial.

Niche Infant Heel Warmers Feedback From Trial.


We are so excited to be branching out to all Welsh hospitals and are very grateful to have to opportunity to share this product with even more professional!

To find out more, or place na order yourself, check out the Heel Warmers on our website now


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