Happy New Year!
4th January, 2021


As another particularly crazy year comes to an end, we look forward to welcoming a hopefully smoother, but as successful year. However, with uncertain times ahead, we would like to take this opportunity to reflect on our business progress throughout 2020.

Despite the chaos that surrounded us mid-year, Niche Office Solutions Ltd managed to achieve our targets which were set at the end of 2019, a shocking 5 months ahead of time. These included attaining 85 new contacts, much aided by our actions to remain consistent and reliable for our customers throughout the start of the pandemic.

We have also attained a good number of reviews over Google, Yell, Ebay and Amazon. Consisting of our dedicated customer base addressing the excellent service and products that we offer here at Niche Office Solutions Ltd. Another outstanding achievement of ours, has been our work with SpiderWebSEO, who have enabled us to grow and increase awareness of our business, including the promotion of the new locations we now service, the web-links for these are located below. Astoundingly, Niche Office Solutions Ltd was also listed as the first result on Google’s search engine page! The sort of measurement we will be aiming to see more of in 2021.

Paired with increasing business and brand growth, Niche Office Solutions Ltd have also branched out into branding our own products. After many successful years of working within the healthcare sector and working closely with Neonatal departments recently, we have been taking substantial steps to increase the awareness and reputation of Niche Office Solutions Ltd, and the wide variety of products we can service. Keep an eye out for some Niche Office Solutions Ltd branded products hitting the markets in 2021!

Overall, 2020 was a great year for our business, despite ongoing chaos surrounding us all, with our business smashing our gross profit by over 50 percent in comparison with 2019 and distributing over 2400 parcels, representing continued growth of our business.

Coming into 2021, Niche Office Solutions Ltd is bringing the attitude of further improvement, even better relationships with our customers, and providing the same outstanding services which has seen the exponential growth which we have experienced throughout 2020.

We thank you for helping us maintain our business development and look forward to continuing our work with you all throughout 2021.


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