Have we seen the last of lockdown?
8th March, 2021


On the 22nd of February Boris Johnson made his national announcement where he laid out the plan for the UK’s decent from its third lockdown.

In his announcement, Boris explained how the exceptional success of the vaccinations, including the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, which reduces hospitalisations by 75% from just one dose of the vaccine. The combination of the three MHRA approved vaccinations have proved instrumental in cutting infection rates and helping reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

The prime minister not only set out the 4 stages of the lockdown, but also stated that this process would be ‘irreversible’ and intends for this to be the last lockdown that the country will experience.  

He also reiterated that the journey back to normalcy would be based on ‘data, not dates’ meaning the government will need to assess the effects of the last ease of restrictions against four different factors before progressing onto the next stages.

Each stage will be at least five weeks apart, the four tests that must be passed before progression are:

Stage 1

The first stage out of lockdown commences in two parts, with the first steps being introduced today, the 8th of March.

Further changes from the 29th of March include:

Stage 2

Stage 2 will begin no earlier than the 12th of April, after ensuring that each of the 4 assessments have been successfully achieved.

Stage 3

From no earlier than the 17th of May:

Stage 4

The final stage of the UKs journey out of lockdown will commence no earlier than the 21st of June.

The journey to beating Covid-19 has been a long and tiresome journey for people all over the world. Particularly in the UK, where the economy and society have struggled greatly to cope with the immense strain that Covid has applied to the country.

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