Have Zebra stepped up their technology game?
24th November, 2023

Technology is everywhere and in most cases, can be used for pretty much anything. Society is slowly but surely relying on technology for everything day-today. With such a broad range of IT and technological devices, there isn’t much we CAN’T do with technology. We can even use devices to do some pretty cool, yet strange stuff. 

Zebra released an article on the RFID scanners, proving that we can use technology to fulfil any weird requests, including tracking missing kitchens? See below the statement released by Zebra stating how the RFID scanners have been used: 

“Deep in the stunning African countryside, conservationists are working tirelessly to fend off a poaching onslaught. It’s not rhinos or big cats in danger this time, but plants in a prickly situation. Endangered cacti are suffering a major population decline from collectors and commercially motivated thieves. The plant protection program implemented to defend them uses RFID tags placed in tamper proof boxes that are attached to the cacti alongside some tag-less dummy boxes that act as a deterrent and widen the project reach. An RFID reader alerts necessary parties when a tag is not read, and the cactus is considered stolen. The solution keeps tabs on the cacti population, letting teams know where they are, and that they’re safe.

Over the pond in the U.S., there is a company from Lakeland, Florida, that was selected by the State of Colorado Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division (MMED) to deploy a system to track marijuana being grown and purchased for medicinal purposes. This ground-breaking program opened the door to all states that have deregulated medical marijuana to use RFID to ease the burden of tracking marijuana for proper distribution and consumption. An RFID solution of the highest order – and one of many hitting the market.

And, in Europe, RFID is used to prevent kitchens from going missing in Germany. Surely you can’t lose a kitchen, right?! Well, it appears you can. Or you can easily mix up its parts, at least – particularly if you are Nobilia and delivering 2,600 customised kitchens every day and over half a million per year! With a baffling 250 varying specs, everything from the format of the cabinet front to the panels, fittings and handles can differ from one kitchen install to the next. There is also an extremely wide range of floor, wall, and cupboard finishes and sizes to manage. So, getting everything right the first time is one heck of a chore.

Thankfully, RFID took out much of the room for human error for Nobilia. Each component is now tagged and read as it moves through an assembly line, providing automated details about the build order. The outcome? Assembly errors have evaporated, shipments are now delivered complete, and cabinets can be instantly found in the production process. The real-time tracking capability allows better control of build sequences and awareness of exactly where each part is in the production process at any time. It’s a significantly more efficient end-to-end process.”

Zebra have definitely found a weird way to utilise technology, so, if you ever found yourself looking for a lost kitchen, Zebra’s RDID technology may just be your safest bet. Why not check it out now?

Read more here: https://www.zebra.com/us/en/blog/posts/2022/what-do-cacti-cannabis-kitches-have-in-common.html


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