Healthcare Professionals Demand Pharmacy Supply Improvement
8th July, 2024

It is no secret that the NHS has been under pressure since the Pandemic in 2020. And still, we are seeking the repercussions of such a backlog. Not only are appointments and check-ups in such high demand, despite such long waiting lists, pharmacies are now also struggling to keep up to the demand.

We first heard about the struggle pharmacies were facing back in January. But in more recent weeks, the concern has raised as patients and pharmacies struggle to get their hands on prescription medications.

The National Pharmacy Association has released a statement that pharmacy alerts for low supply on medication has risen by 3 and half times the number then it was only two years ago. Research into the pharmacy alerts shows that they were demanding alternatives medications for a variety of common, yet very serious, illnesses. This includes depression, epilepsy, menopause, angina and thyroid issues.


Pharmacy crisis sees closure of over 177 Pharmacies across the United Kingdom.

Pharmacy crisis sees closure of over 177 Pharmacies across the United Kingdom.


These alerts have begun creeping up in 2024 alone with the same amount of alerts in a three day period than there was in the whole of 2020. Since the beginning of 2024, it has been reported that over 177 pharmacies across the country have had no choice but to close as a result of the crisis. Many believe this shortage is a result of the high inflation costs the country has been experiencing and the high demand pharmaceutical suppliers are facing.

Many healthcare professionals have been speaking out against the pharmacy supply chain issues, especially those with patients suffering from the lack of medications. For example, a UK Menopause specialist and GP has shared how the lack of HRT (Menopause Hormones) is a catastrophe and women dealing with menopause deserve a lot better.

She advised how without HRT, women are vulnerable to the many symptoms an side effects of menopause, including lack of sleep, low mood, anxiety, urine infections and so much more. She worries that this will lead to further medical concerns and leaves women at risk and alone.

Government MP’s have called out parliaments parties, demanding they provide some form of solutions to this problem and fast, whether this be through added funding or a development in GP surgeries. In response, the government has argued they are currently consulting on improved funding to be established and building contract agreements for pharmacies coming into 2025.


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2 Responses to “Healthcare Professionals Demand Pharmacy Supply Improvement”

  1. julie Says:

    Hi I’m on HRT Kilovance is that at risk of shortage

  2. admin_office Says:

    Hi Julie,
    Thank you for your comment.

    No, there are currently no shortages for HRT Kilovance.

    However, if you are still concerned, we recommend reaching out to your local Pharmacist or General Practitioner who will be able to advise further.

    Many Thanks.

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