How do Ergonomic Products Benefit Posture and Wellbeing?
27th January, 2020

Niche Office Solutions Ltd supplies to over 85% of the NHS, we have access to over 207‚000 essential healthcare equipment within 136 categories. One of the areas in which we specialise in is occupational therapy.

Rehabilitation of postural strength and endurance are the main focuses of occupational therapy, typically this is done via therapeutic use of everyday activities, without these the risk of injury is significantly increased when performing day-to-day tasks such as opening doors or lifting boxes. It is a proven fact that poor posture can cause both physical and mental stress, this can decrease work performance due to diminished confidence and is the primary cause for neck and back pain.

Scientists created grotesque life-sized dummy, called Emma, to show how the average worker could look like in 20 years’ time thanks to hours at the desks.

Fellowes have recently conducted research, which has revealed alarming results that long-term health and wellbeing is seriously at risk with the average employee, this can lead to chronic conditions and mental health problems from prolonged sitting at badly set-up workstations. This combined with the findings that employees reported feeling unsupported in their wellbeing by their employers. With the completion of this experiment they have found that the best ergonomic products to combat these conditions are wireless keyboards, secateurs, desk pads, glare filters, chair cushions, document, monitor and laptop stands. It was stated by themselves that these products are solely manufactured to ease the discomforts of all desk work.