How Will The General Election Affect The NHS?
8th July, 2024

The general election has caused a sort of up-roar across the United Kingdom, with all the parties promising different things.

However, all parties have raised a similar action plan, with the NHS at the centre of their manifesto. But what exactly are they offering to do? Two parties, the Conservatives and the Labour party, have both had a lot to pledge to the NHS.

The Labour party has led their campaign with a strong promise to cut NHS waiting times by increasing evening and weekend appointments by 40,000 each week. This means that GP appointments and referrals should become more accessible to the public. To do this, they are offering healthcare staff over time pay rates to complete these extra shifts and accommodate the offered 40,000 appointments, every week.

Another way they want to win over the nation is by introducing a ‘Dentistry Rescue Plan.’  We all know that unless you were registered with a dentist at a very young age, you have no chance of getting an appointment. Well, Labour are offering 700,000 extra appointments each year by introducing a targeted recruitment fund. This aims to recruit dentists into the communities where they are not as accessible. As well as this, the NHS dentistry contract will be reformed, meaning getting an NHS dentist should be easy for everyone.


One of many NHS Trusts hoping to benefit from NHS investments this General Election.

One of many NHS Trusts hoping to benefit from NHS investments this General Election.


On the other side of the campaign, the Conservatives, too, are promising crucial work for the NHS and for healthcare workers across the country. Rather than asking current healthcare workers to pick up extra shifts, they aim to recruit 92,000 more nurse and 28,000 more doctors by the end of the next parliament. They also plan to free up some GP appointments by, firstly, funding 250 new GP surgeries and, secondly, expanding pharmacy support for menopause, contraception and chest infections, which should free 20 million GP appointments.

Like the Labour party, the Conservatives also want to crack-down on dentistry struggles. They plan to do this by offering extended training for dentist professionals by 40%. Although, this does not guarantee any more appointments for the public.

Another point of the Conservative manifesto is their pledge to improve IT within the NHS. They plan to invest £3.4 million into new technologies for NHS staff and patients, which should help speed up patient referrals and make appointments more accessible to patients.

With both parties promising big things for the healthcare sector, will we see positive change over the next couple of years?


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2 Responses to “How Will The General Election Affect The NHS?”

  1. Jodi Bateman Says:

    The article is to the point and highlights in layman terms the outline of the Labour Plan for the NHS

  2. tamara simmons Says:

    I have been offered an evening appt to see a specialist which has never been the case before so i hope this is a result of The Labour Party being elected

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