Let’s Talk Ongoing Projects….
8th May, 2024

Over the past 6 months, Niche Healthcare has been busy with all sorts of new customer enquiries for hundreds of different products. But with all this chaos, we have also been given some amazing opportunities to work with and supply some amazing companies, with some amazing projects.

The team have been able to learn more about different aspects of the Healthcare sector and develop new products for various projects. This has included working with companies based all-over the world!


For those who haven’t heard of ZOE, they are a company who help to provide insights into your eating habits and your bodies reaction to different foods etc. ZOE first reached out to us back in Autumn 2023 to enquire about one of our products. At first, it was just an enquiry and an offer to quote a product. This then eventually progressed into an order, and then another, and even another. We are now pleased to supply ZOE with a product from our very own Innovation Technology Range.

Since working to supply ZOE, we have been able to learn more and more about their brand and build relationships with the team. We are also working to further the business relationship with some exciting things happening behind the scenes!


Cook Biotech got in contact with us recently wanting to trail one of the products we supply. The lightproof dental syringe is a new product from our brand-new Dental Supply Range. We were pleased to see that the range was already gaining interest, especially from a major American company. After conferring with their team, we have been able to send them some samples of the product they require. We hope that they have found what they are after and look forward to hearing their feedback.

Hopefully, we can soon look to build a good relationship with the Cook Biotech team!


A member of Cytiva reach out to us in the Summer of 2023. They too, wanted to sample a product. This was the first time we had bee asked to trail the ‘PVC Free Anaesthesia Masks’ that we supply. Of course, we were glad to provide the samples and meet with the team to discuss the potential for business. After meeting with a member of their team, we were able to learn more about Cytiva’s ethos in providing anaesthesia and surgery circuits that are completely latex and PVC free, for those who have allergies to these materials. The team thought this was a great ide and we would be happy to help with this project where we can.

Once again, we look forward to working more with Cytiva on this project!


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