Life For African Mothers Charity
7th June, 2024

We are delighted to have had the chance to work with the Life for African Women charity. The charity is centred around helping women and babies in sub-Saharan Africa during and after labour. They work to encourage safe practices to have the safest experience possible. This is done through sharing knowledge and providing different healthcare products that can be used to improve processes and safety. The charity sees midwives travel over to Africa to help out in different women’s hospitals and work with the staff over their. 

Aberdeen women's centre and hospital.

Outside the Aberdeen Women’s Centre

We were able to work closely with the charity and send them some of our own Innovation Range. This meant that the charity was able to take our products over to Africa with them when they left. Moreover, we provided the charity with some heel warmers, which are used for warming infants heel before blood withdrawal. These are very important in improving blood flow in infants and reducing the risk of repeat samples.

We also provided them with some perineal warmer samples, which are for labouring women to provide comfort to the perineum. They also reduce the risk of perineal tear and trauma during stage 2 labour. With these products we were able to work towards the charities ethos and supply products that would help both mother and baby during two very important processes.

Since then, we have been in communication with the charity whilst they are in Africa, who sent us some amazing pictures of our products being used over at the Aberdeen women’s centre. The pictures show a paediatrician at the centre holding one of our Heel Warmers which. He quoted ‘I would use immediately!’ We are thrilled to have been able to have had the chance to help wherever we can.

Life for African women charity

Charity CEO (right) and Paediatrician (left).


We look forward to continuing to work with the charity and helping as many people as possible. 

For more information n the Life For African Mothers charity, visit their website here.

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