NeoSAFE: Infant Feeding Maturity
3rd January, 2024

NeoSAFE- Advanced Infant Feeding Maturity Device

Infant feeding maturity is a developmental process that involves the baby’s ability to feed safely and effectively. It is an important aspect of their early growth and well-being: also known as suck-swallow-breathe coordination. The device allows for measurements to be taken on infants whilst feeding to assess their feeding habits and ensure they are consuming enough milk. This is crucial, especially on pre-term and jaundice infants.

This device is to be put in place, to understand the development of an infant by being able to gather feeding data analysis at the touch of a button.

Analysis of the NeoSAFE Audit programme:

The way the babies were compared, were by using 52 preterm infants of between 27 and 36 weeks with a control group of 42 healthy full-term infants. The feeding performance was based on how the babies swallowed the milk during 2-miniute audio recordings. The following variables were generated for the overall evaluation by using the NeoSAFE device;

            -Total number of swallows

           – Total number of rhythmic swallows

            -Total number of resting intervals

            -Average time between resting intervals

            -Average time between swallows

            -Average time between rhythmic swallows

            -Maximum number of rhythmic swallows

            -Volume of milk ingested


Methods & results of using the NeoSAFE device:

With the help of a sensor placed on the hyoid region under the chin and the diaphragm of the chest during feeding, the device is able to measure the number of total swallows.

The number of recorded swallows results in term and late preterm infants, was significantly higher than the swallowing data that was obtained by the device. It was made clear, that there was no obvious difference between the two groups in the evaluation of IASw which is one of the parameters which determine the risk of aspiration. Once the results are examined by ultrasonography (a technique which uses echoes of ultrasound pulses to delimit objects or areas of different density in the body) it was then observed that the MaxRs data is similar to the Neo SAFE device.


The Benefit of using NeoSafe:

The below diagram, shows the safe and accurate timeline of how effective this system is shown to be within the trials.


Benefits of the NeoSAFE feeding device.

Benefits of the NeoSAFE feeding device.


To find out more about the NeoSAFE Infant Feeding Maturity Device, check out the specification sheet below:

Advanced Infant Feeding Maturity Device – NeoSAFE – LINK


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