Document Management for Business Records and Other Office Documents

17th March, 2020
    File Stream in Partnership with Niche Office Solutions Ltd funded by... _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   File Stream for Businesses One of the fastest growing industries in the UK is the office industry. File Stream works within this industry with several organisation’s...
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Recliner Chairs for the SCBU and Neonatal Department

13th March, 2020
  A recently trending product which the NHS’s SCBU and Neonatal departments have produced great demand for is adjustable reclining chairs as they allow parents and their newborn babies to bond and achieve optimum skin-to-skin contact. Recliner chairs have been...
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Fujitsu in the Public Sector

12th March, 2020
  The public sectors ability to cope with austerity is very much reliant upon technology and the efficiencies and increased productivity that can be achieved through their use. Advances in technological development has seen it become less reliant upon human intervention as its...
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Why You Should Recycle Computer Hardware?

4th March, 2020
  What Is Computer Recycling? Within all PC’s there are many different components. Some of these are harmful to the environment, meaning they need to be disposed of in an efficient and safe manner. A computer can contain up to...
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Protecting yourself from the coronavirus

2nd March, 2020
  What is the Coronavirus?  The Coronaviruses is a large group of viruses that cause infectious illnesses ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East respiratory syndrome and severe acute respiratory syndrome. A novel Coronavirus is a new...
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NHS End of Year Budget Spend, 11th March 2020

26th February, 2020
  The NHS year end is synonymous with ensuring that any surplus funds are fully utilised. Anything that is not spent will make it is way back to the central government to be re-distributed and will become an ongoing cut...
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All you need to know about ABMU Health Board

24th February, 2020
Formed in October 2009, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board is one of the biggest welsh health boards, it covers 4 hospitals (Morrison Hospital, Singleton Hospital, Princess of Wales Hospital and Neath Port Talbot Hospital) and provides care to over...
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IMMJ Systems and SPS to Improve Patient Care

19th February, 2020
  As the trend to become paper-lite by 2023 gathers momentum Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust embark on this cost saving journey. They are being assisted by Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) as they take their first steps towards...
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Why are Medical Fridges Important to the NHS?

17th February, 2020
Medical fridges are specifically made for the use in many different types of healthcare environments such as Hospitals, Health Centres, Pharmacies and Doctors' Surgeries. The importance of medical fridges to the NHS should not be underestimated, for a number of...
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Logitech Expresses Modern Changes in Technology

12th February, 2020
Of January 2020, Logitech announced the Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit, Logitech MX Master 3, and Blue Yeti X which all received honourees at CES 2020, their main selling point which gained them this honour is the user ability experience they offer....
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