IMMJ Systems and SPS to Improve Patient Care

19th February, 2020
As the trend to become paper-lite by 2023 gathers momentum Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust embark on this cost saving journey. They are being assisted by Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) as they take their first steps towards becoming...
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Why are Medical Fridges Important to the NHS?

17th February, 2020
Medical fridges are specifically made for the use in many different types of healthcare environments such as Hospitals, Health Centres, Pharmacies and Doctors' Surgeries. The importance of medical fridges to the NHS should not be underestimated, for a number of...
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Logitech Expresses Modern Changes in Technology

12th February, 2020
Of January 2020, Logitech announced the Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit, Logitech MX Master 3, and Blue Yeti X which all received honourees at CES 2020, their main selling point which gained them this honour is the user ability experience they offer....
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Tech Update, See What Unexpected Benefits Windows 10 has in Store

10th February, 2020
Worksheet: Are you making the most of Windows 10’s hidden features? Windows 10 is brimming with hidden features and tools that could have business applications across your company. This worksheet shows just how to find them and what they can...
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IT Monitoring and Management System

5th February, 2020
Computer Networking  A computer network is a digital telecommunications network made for the exchange of resources between nodes which are found in all computers. Networks offer all business’s mobility in the form of increased opportunities which allow you to operate...
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Telecommunication Evolving with the Industry

3rd February, 2020
The telecommunications industry have already established themselves as one of the most formidable sectors, showing massive growth in the world’s most economically developing countries. They have achieved this by meeting business’s needs by offering an efficient voice over internet protocol...
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Technology, IT Memory and Back-up Equipment

29th January, 2020
Computer memory is a temporary storage area, which holds the data and instructions that the Central Processing Unit (the brain of the computer) needs. Before a program can run, the program is loaded from some storage medium into the memory. This allows...
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How do Ergonomic Products Benefit Posture and Wellbeing?

27th January, 2020
Niche Office Solutions Ltd supplies to over 85% of the NHS, we have access to over 207‚000 essential healthcare equipment within 136 categories. One of the areas in which we specialise in is occupational therapy. Rehabilitation of postural strength and...
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The Future of Healthcare – Zebra Technologies Changing Healthcare

21st January, 2020
It’s official. According to the National Health Service (NHS), pagers will be considered obsolete in the next two years. (At least in the U.K.) Can you believe it? If you can’t, it’s probably for one of two reasons: You thought...
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Free Commercial Warranty for all White Good Products

20th January, 2020
Niche Office Solutions Ltd is a leading supplier of all white goods appliances for Corporate, Public and SMB’s business sectors. We have successfully increased our revenue sales due to offering free commercial warranty on all white good products for businesses....
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