The Infrared Temperature Gun: Is it doing more harm than good?

6th September, 2020
U.K. companies have been finding ways to adjust to the new normal post the lockdown period resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. Infrared temperature guns have become a popular device among retail stores. Upon visiting my local mall centre, I saw...
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5 Reasons Why You Need Microsoft Teams

17th August, 2020
With the coronavirus pandemic there has been a huge shift in the number of people working from home. There has never been a greater need for businesses to tap into effective communication tools. Microsoft Teams is a viable communication hub...
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Document Management for Business Records & Other Docs

17th March, 2020
    File Stream in Partnership with Niche Office Solutions Ltd funded by...     File Stream for Businesses One of the fastest growing industries in the UK is the office industry. File Stream works within this industry with several organisation’s...
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Recliner Chairs for the SCBU and Neonatal Department

13th March, 2020
  A recently trending product which the NHS’s SCBU and Neonatal departments have produced great demand for is adjustable reclining chairs as they allow parents and their newborn babies to bond and achieve optimum skin-to-skin contact. Recliner chairs have been...
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IMMJ Systems and SPS to Improve Patient Care

19th February, 2020
  As the trend to become paper-lite by 2023 gathers momentum Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust embark on this cost saving journey. They are being assisted by Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) as they take their first steps towards...
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