Why Buy the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500?

17th January, 2020
Fujitsu are working extremely hard to promote and deliver awareness for document scanners within all working industries. Niche Office Solutions Ltd work in tandem with the NHS market, Niche now supplies 85% of the healthcare sector which includes partners such...
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The Best IT Tablets for 2020, take your pick!

15th January, 2020
Its 2020 now, a new year and a new decade. But you're still stuck with the same tablet... you need a new one! Don't worry though, we can help you. Here's a list of the best tablets for 2020, take...
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The Top 8 Wireless Headphones for 2020

10th January, 2020
We all know how frustrating tangled wires are. Not just on phone chargers, but on earphones and headphones. So, if you're tired of loose connections and tangled wires, then why not opt for wireless headphones. Or as you may know...
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Top 10 Apps for Mobile Devices & Desktop PC’s for 2019

19th December, 2019
2019 is coming to a close. We are not only entering a new year but a new decade. We all need fresh starts and new beginnings. Maybe not for your computer though. Leave your computer with the same apps and...
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The Top 10 Electronic Christmas Gifts for 2019

17th December, 2019
Its almost Christmas. The sales are here and the kids are giving you Christmas lists. In fact they probably have been doing for the past few months. Electronics are probably going to be one of the most bought Christmas present,...
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The Brand New Zebra TC20 for the NHS

12th December, 2019
For over 40 years, Zebra have been producing innovative mobile devices that power some of the world’s largest retailers. With their latest addition to their mobile devices line-up, the Zebra TC20, Zebra hope to target even more sectors with many...
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The End of Windows 7 on January 14th 2020

10th December, 2019
As we know, Windows 7 was one of the most popular versions of the Windows software. But in just over a month, January 14th 2020, we will be saying goodbye to Windows 7 forever, meaning no further updates or patches....
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The best IOS and Mac Deals from Black Friday

7th December, 2019
Here are the best deals on the best software IOS products. Although Black Friday was officially November 29th, and already passed, the majority of these deals started early and continued late, but all of them will vanish soon, if they...
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Black Friday Deals 2019 and What To Expect

20th November, 2019
Black Friday is almost here - here are the best nuggets of information you never knew you needed. If you've left Christmas shopping a little late, then make sure that you're aware of Black Friday. On the 29th of November...
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Internet of things. If it can be connected, it will be

4th November, 2019
From toothbrushes to bins, everything will soon have software chips inserted into them to collect and communicate data. Anything that you can possibly think of is being connected to the web. People are saying that this could be an industrial...
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