What We Know About the Huawei P40

15th October, 2019
  Despite the controversy and trouble Huawei have faced in the past, we are now looking towards the release of a new addition to the Huawei P series. Although we officially are still clueless about how it will compare to...
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How Important is Cyber-Security?

8th October, 2019
Cybersecurity is often confused with information security. Cybersecurity is protecting computer systems from unauthorized access, being damaged or being made inaccessible. Information security, on the other hand, covers more areas, including hard copy and digital forms of information assets. Cybersecurity...
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Epson – Why Your Company Should Turn Services into Experiences

4th October, 2019
When Airbnb launched Airbnb Experiences, in 2016, the move was an acknowledgment that modern travelers want more than a place to sleep. Many want quirky journeys, tours, and classes hosted by local experts. They want memories. Airbnb’s core product—easy-to-navigate online...
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Canon – The new opportunity in transactional marketing

30th September, 2019
Behavioural insights make transpromotional communications more personal   Transcending expectations Ten years ago, transpromotional communications – where marketing messages are incorporated into must-read transactional documents such as statements and bills – were tipped to be the ‘next big thing’ in...
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Customer Spotlight: BAU Improves Agricultural Education Through UC&C

27th September, 2019
  Established in 2010, Bihar Agricultural University (B.A.U.) in India conducts education, research, extension and training activities in agriculture, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life for farmers. Through consistent training and education programs, B.A.U. empowers farmers with...
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Creating Experiences that Matter with the Avaya Mobile Experience

23rd September, 2019
  As some people who follow my blogs might know, one of the key projects I lead as Avaya’s VP of Innovation is the Avaya Mobile Experience. For those just catching up, Avaya Mobile Experience is a patented, consumption-based mobile service...
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How Digital Transformation can Help Enhance Your Business

20th September, 2019
According to the enterprisers project, digital transformation refers to the “integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers”. A recent article from Pulse Check: SMBs and Digital Transformation reveals about...
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The new Apple iPhone 11, release date 20/09/2019

18th September, 2019
Take everything on your iPhone to 11.   iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Pro cameras. Pro display. Pro performance. All new triple-camera system. All-day battery life. The fastest chip in a smartphone. And the brightest iPhone display yet....
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Brexit NHS Newsletter September 19 – Vol.21

18th September, 2019
The Yellowhammer documents released last week should focus NHS minds on the need to ratchet up lobbying efforts. Avoiding the social care crisis likely to materialise after a no-deal Brexit – which will need improved funding and policy change – is the most pressing...
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Lenovo, Quiz: What’s Your I.T. Personality?

17th September, 2019
  How do you make I.T. decisions? Are you an I.T. support wizard, or a big thinker with an eye on the future? This quiz will give you cool insights about what makes your I.T. style tick.   __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ...
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