NHS End of Year Budget Spend, 11th March 2020
26th February, 2020

The NHS year end is synonymous with ensuring that any surplus funds are fully utilised. Anything that is not spent will make it is way back to the central government to be re-distributed and will become an ongoing cut to future years budgets. Put in simple terms it will be taken away from its current owners on a permanent basis. For example, suppose you had a budget of £100,000 in 2019/20 and at the end of the year you had only spent £93,500, then in the following year, 2020/21, you will only receive funding of £93,500 instead of £100,000, a loss of £6,500.

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Together with our 3 combined business sectors we supply in excess of 347,000 products, providing a diverse range covering IT, Office and Healthcare. Within the NHS we deal with over 130 departments that range from pharmacy, biochemistry, oncology, pathology, communications, mortuary and estates. We always maintain excellent supplier / customer relationships with the overriding emphasis being that the “Customer is King”. We have a diverse range of budget holders, currently numbering over 47,000, that look to us for assistance with their purchasing requirements, which are far ranging. Recent enquiries that we have received have included requests for: ID wristbands, anti-fungal lockers, fans, white goods, free commercial warranty, digital dictation GDPR, gym equipment, gardening tools, art utensils, signage, floor graphics, air conditioning, cupcakes, art therapies, 4K Ultra HD HDR TV, UPS, desktops, laptops, mobile boards, traffic light alcohol tester, first aid, adhesive labelling, label printers, gels, prosthetics, dentures, artificial limb, heel warmers, some of our healthcare range.

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Planned spending for the Department of Health and Social Care in England is £139.3 billion in 2019-2020.


The majority of the NHS’s funding (£132.3 billion) is revenue spending on day to day items such as staff salaries and medicines. The remainder (£7.0 billion) is for capital spending on buildings and equipment which are longer term investments.

Though funding for the department of “Health and Social Care” continues to grow, the rate of growth slowed during the period of austerity that followed the 2008 economic crash. Budgets rose by 1.5% each year (not always keeping pace with the rate of inflation) on average in the 10 years between 2009-10 to 2018-19, compared to the 3.7% average rises since the NHS was established.

In July 2018, the new 5 year NHS funding deal will see some health spending rise by 3.4% on average from 2019-20 to 2023-24. This long-term funding deal only applies to services within the scope of NHS England’s mandate and excludes important areas of the department of “Health and Social Care” budget such as capital investment & the education and training of NHS staff. This will help to counteract some of the real NHS cuts suffered over the preceding years and help reduce the shortage of NHS employees / Professional Staff  and in particular Nurses.

In the September 2019 spending round, the government announced further increases to budgets for capital investment, public health, education and training of the NHS workforce. Even with these increases, the total department of “Health and Social Care” budget will rise by 2.9% between 2019-20 and 2020-21, which is less than both the long run average and the rises that NHS England’s mandate services will see.

While the new NHS funding deal will ease current pressures, it is not enough to simultaneously restore performance against key waiting times standards and transform services to deliver better care.