Improved Infant Transport: Niche Infant Warmer Mattress
24th November, 2023

Nobody likes to be out in the cold, stuck with the cold feeling. Now imagine how it would feel as a new-born to be feeling the cold. When transporting infants and new-borns throughout the hospital, it is crucial that they are kept warm and wrapped up to protect them from the risk of hypothermia. An easy way to do this is through the use of an infant transport mattress.

What is an infant transport mattress? 

Taking the shape of a small transportable mattress, infant mattresses are made out of insta-gel which allows them to heat up when activated. The insta-gel material means that they are safe to transport around the hospital and easy to access. They are used as a thermal heater for infants when being transported within the hospital or between different hospitals. The idea of the mattress is to have a heat source available that can be easily used and disposed of to prevent infants from getting cold and developing a sickness. They are activated through a small disc inside the mattress warmer and work for up to two hours.  

Warm baby in hospital

Baby is wrapped in blanket to try and prevent cold stress and hypothermia

When to use an infant mattress 

Cold stress is a major concern for new-born babies; infant mattresses are a way that this can be reduced. When you fear that a baby is at risk to the cold, you can use an infant transport mattress. This provides heat when they are being moved around hospitals to ensure they remain at a good, safe temperature. For parents completing a home birth, infant transport mattresses are ideal to provide warmth and keep the infant safe.  

Cold stress: what is it? 

Cold stress is associated with the body temperature of new-borns and infants. Their body temperature is vital to be kept up as allowing the body temperature to fall can lead to developing illnesses. This is including sidds and hypothermia, with hypothermia being the biggest threat. This can occur when the body is struggling to raise its own temperature and if not monitored, then this is when illnesses begin to develop. When a low temperature is monitored, this is when an infant transport mattress warmer will be useful as this provides the heat that the infant requires and is easily accessible. 

Stages of Neonatal Hypothermia:

Infant in hospital

Infant warmer mattress used to transport infant around hospital an prevent hypothermia.

Benefits of using infant transport mattresses 

Baby in hospital with nurse

Baby being transported with blankets, risking hypothermia.

By using an infant transport mattress, you are immediately making your own life easier. As they are portable and lightweight, you don’t have to worry about struggling with carrying them or having electricity access. These mattresses are stress free and reliable for quick and easy heat for any new-born. As a single-use mattress, there is less risk of cross-contamination reducing risk of infection or illness. The last thing any parent needs is the added stress of their child contracting an illness. With this mattress, there is no need to stress.

Are infant transport mattresses safe to use? 

These mattresses are designed to increase the safety of new-borns and infants. They can reach maximum temperatures of 40.5 degrees but will generally reach 39.5 degrees when activated at room temperature. The gel material creates a soft, padded surface, safe for the transportation of infants. The contents of the mattress are non-toxic and are completely safe to be around infants without causing skin irritation or harming them. 

Niche Infant Warmer Mattress Specification Sheet

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