IMMJ Systems and SPS to Improve Patient Care
19th February, 2020

As the trend to become paper-lite by 2023 gathers momentum Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust embark on this cost saving journey. They are being assisted by Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) as they take their first steps towards becoming a digital hospital, ditching their paper records along the way as they progress towards making all their paper health records available electronically.


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The Electronic Document Management (EDM) component of the overall system is being supplied by IMMJ Systems. They are using their implementation expertise to deliver MediViewer, their next generation digital platform. The end result being the delivery of digitised clinical content and full electronic patient records at the point of care.

NNUH is a teaching hospital with 1,200 beds, employing 10,000 staff and which covers a wide geographic area. Not only is it the largest Acute Hospital in Norfolk & Waveney but also ranks amongst largest Acute Trusts in the country. NNUH is undergoing an extensive programme of technological change and SPS along with IMMJ systems are at the forefront of this programme providing their support along the way

MediViewer is certain to transform how patient information is delivered to clinicians, wherever they are geographically based. It will make patient information instantly available at the touch of a button, whenever it is required, providing consistency and up-to-date patient information that will drive improved patient care.

The ease with which clinical and administrative staff can access key patient information is driven by IMMJ’s “SmartIndex” technology. MediViewer provides a number of powerful search facilities including high speed document searching; real time dynamic indexing and industry-leading text filtering functions within the HTML based client app, all of this being available on both desktop and mobile platforms.

The Trust have faith that one of the benefits of this solution will be greater collaboration across different sites and greatly improved access to clinical data. An offline working function also comes as part of the package. This means that critical patient data can be accessed wherever they may be. It is planned that the implementation of EDM will ultimately deliver savings of £2.5m per annum and streamline their processes.

NNNUH’s Chief Information Officer Anthony Lundrigan said that huge amounts of resources are diverted in order to manually transfer patient’s notes to different locations. This is what is driving the need to find a cost effective solution to help us reduce paper processes and become more operationally efficient. MediViewer is the first and most important step in the delivery of our 5 year digital strategy and also forms a part of the overall digital strategy for Norfolk and Waveney STP.

Having the knowledge, experience and records of accomplishment in delivering collaborative large-scale and complex medical record projects, the decision was made to go with SPS in partnership with IMMJ systems.

Gary Harold, CEO of Swiss Post Solution, talked about what it meant to the company to have been awarded this contract by Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and to be given the opportunity to play a major part in this digital journey. He explained how pleased they were to be a part of a project that would prove the visible benefits that could be achieved in such a short space of time and at such a large scale.

Lisa Harris, Chief Operations Officer at IMMJ Systems expressed her delight that, “IMMJ Systems are supporting Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals through their digital journey, in partnership with Swiss Post Solutions. The high level of clinical and stakeholder engagement that was seen during the tendering and evaluation process clearly demonstrated the importance, to the Trust, of the work that was been undertaken. The partnership we have with NNUH will ensure the delivery of MediViewer and the implementation of the required transformational change that will give the Trust improved access to patient records in conjunction with the streamlining of linked business processes”.

 “Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals have been assisted on this journey from its onset to its current position, by Apira, where it is now ready to be deployed”, said their Director Geoff Broome. “IMMj’s MediViewer application is the catalyst for this business change project with the priority now being to build the Digital Health Transformation and Change Team, to move things forward.”






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Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) is a leading provider of business process outsourcing and innovative document management services in both the physical and digital worlds.

SPS is a global full-service provider of physical and digital document management who provides a comprehensive suite of document processing and business process services, which support the digital transformation of our clients’ business processes to help them thrive in today’s digital economy. SPS uses advanced technology, business process excellence, and deep industry experience to help our clients on their journey towards digital transformation. The mix of technology with human expertise allows us to automate even complex business processes and manage entire workflows with scale, speed and accuracy.

Part of the Swiss Post Group headquartered in Bern, Switzerland, SPS’s 7500, employees and specialised partners span the full range of the industry with focus on banking, insurance, telecommunications and healthcare, addressing customer needs in more than 20 countries.






Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Access Control


The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital is a modern teaching hospital and was formally opened by The Queen in 2004. The University Hospital offers attractive and modern facilities for patient care. Our vision is to provide every patient with the care they want for those we love the most. Patients rate us highly in the Friends and Family test which asks people if they would recommend the service to someone else needing similar treatment. 

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital is an academic teaching centre that works in partnership with the University of East Anglia’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. They provide a full range of acute clinical services, including more specialist services such as oncology, radiotherapy, neonatology, trauma, orthopaedics, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, robotic surgery, bone marrow transplants, interventional radiology, brachytherapy, specialist cardiology, paediatric medicine and surgery.







IMMJ Systems is leading the way in digital transformation of paper medical records for the NHS, providing a complete end-to-end digital transformation, consultancy and implementation support services delivered by their highly experienced NHS teams. Using MediViewer, a simple and secure digitised process is provided to what were previously patient’s clinical paper records. “MediViewer is intuitively easy to use and its speed means response time between pages is almost instantaneous. Using MediViewer enables me to quickly surface the exact clinical information I need at the point of care and has definitely made my job much easier!”. Dr Gregor Peden MBChB AMBCS, Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO). DHSC Digital, Isle of Man.

MediViewer ensures the scanned documents cannot be deleted or altered in anyway, as well as providing a full audit trail. Its version control technology enables a healthcare professional to view documents in context within a patient medical record, reflecting how they were at any previous point in time since scanning and archiving.


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