Our Latest Supplies – From Garden Gazebo’s to Benches…
8th July, 2024

Adhoc Requests from Q2 and Q3

We pride ourselves in offering a unique service to our Healthcare sector, a ‘One Stop Shop’, as we like to call it. By this, we mean that we will do our best to supply anything our customers may need. This can range from IT equipment, stationery, and office furniture, but it is not always the basics. Day in and day out, we get requests for various random items.

In the past this has included food items, like pasts, onions and tomatoes, or even bigger items, like a professional tractor! We get requests like this every day, and always try our hardest to fulfil nearly all of them.

Recently, we have had some new quotes and orders in our inbox, some that were a first-time sale for us.

In May, we received an order for a gazebo from Cwm Taff University Health Board in Wales. However, it wasn’t just any standard, plastic gazebo. This was a large wooden gazebo that needed professional work to be put up. As a new enquiry, the team worked hard ensuring we could fulfil the order and meet the standards, as well as time frames, of the customer.


Niche Office supplied Cwm Taf University Health Board with garden gazebo for Palliative Care.

Niche Office supplied Cwm Taf University Health Board with garden gazebo for Palliative Care.


Between the bad weather we experienced in May and the size of the order, we were finally able to get the project going and put the team to work. We are very pleased with the end result of the order, as well as the customer who said “It looks beautiful, and I am sure will have lots of use within Palliative Care. Thank you once again for your help with sourcing and supplying.”

We are so pleased with the end result and are very happy that we have been able to tick off another challenging order! Let us know what you think about the gazebo?

Another order we have fulfilled this year, which is not something as random, but definitely something we have never sold before. Cwm Taff provided us with another challenging order; they wanted metal benching for their hospital waiting areas. But it was not that simple, the benching had to adhere to infection control guidelines and allow cleaning protocol. This made sourcing and accessing this order more difficult, but still something that the team worked hard to fulfil.


Metal Benching supplied to fulfil Welsh infection control regulations.

Metal Benching supplied to fulfil Welsh infection control regulations.


After working to find the correct items, the team was able to offer the benches for the order, even if they had to come from overseas! Eventually, we were able to fulfil the order get the benches over to Cwm Taff.

Another order we are happy worked out exactly as planned, and another very happy end user!

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