Perfect Designs For Paediatric Wards
19th April, 2024

For young children, the idea of visiting the hospital can be frightening, even if its just a check-up or a pit-stop. Now imagine how the children who are consistently in an out of hospitals for treatments and support. Hospitals are daunting, there’s no denying that. Even as an adult, they can still cause serious anxiety. So, where we can, we want to ensure that children have a reason to not be scared of the hospital, in hopes of making the whole process that little bit easier!

What benefit does Paediatric Focused furniture have?

In order to do this, we have teamed up with a Paediatric product manufacturer who specialise in products designed to transform paediatric wards from dull and daunting, to a place where children can smile and be care-free.  The range includes a variety of products, all animal and zoo-themed. The products include life-like animal examination tables to animal accessories like stethoscope covers and ID tags. All of the products are designed with bright, attractive colours and funky art to bring an element of fun to the hospital ward. 


PediaPals Paediatric Products Now Available from Niche Healthcare.

PediaPals Paediatric Products Now Available from Niche Healthcare.


Here’s 5 things to consider on any Paediatric Ward:

  1. Create a space for the age range – Paediatric wards can care for children from birth, up until 18 years of age. It is important that the environments cater to the needs of all the ages: yes, colours and toys and play spaces are important, but it is important that there are elements suited to older, more mature patients. There should be different areas for the different interests/hobbies of patients. Places to read and be quiet should also be considered, as well as space for children to bond and play.
  2. Encourage play and diversion – Paediatric wards and hospitals can often be daunting to younger children. Encouraging play and continuing with usual day-to-day life can bring a sense of ease, creating the perfect distraction. Children and teenagers should feel comfortable during their stay, and not spend their time worried.  
  3. Indoor/Outdoor elements – Bringing outside elements inside encourages curiosity and reduces anxiety. Simple touches of nature can create a welcoming environment and bring familiarity; staying inside a hospital can feel quite enclosed. Natural touches can also create a positive distraction and encourage hope.
  4. Create different environments – There should be a balance between the spaces created and offered on the wards. Places where families can be alone are just as important as places for children to play. This helps bring a positive balance or the families and the patient. They are also crucial for the different aged patients where having privacy and alone time is preferred.
  5. Be creative – The wards don’t need to have the same feel as all others. Creating a colourful, happy space where visitors feel at ease and welcome is important. Combining both mature and childish elements provides areas for all kinds of patients and families.

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