14-70ml Single Blood Bag

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Model Number: NH-56322

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Single bag is used for collection of whole blood with anticoagulant CPDA-1 solutions USP.
This single system with a primary bag containing anti-coagulant CPDA-1 (citrate-phosphate-Dextrose-Adenine) which preserves red blood cells up to 35 days at 2°C-6°C.
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Qty/Case (Pcs)
Single Blood Bag (flat film)
Single blood bag, flat film 100ml, CPDA-1 14ml
Single blood bag, flat film 250ml, CPDA-1 35ml
Single blood bag, flat film 350ml, CPDA-1 49ml
Single blood bag, flat film 450ml, CPDA-1 63ml
Single blood bag, flat film 500ml, CPDA-1 70ml
Single Blood Bag (tubular film)
Single blood bag, tubular film 100ml, CPDA-1 14ml
Single blood bag, tubular film 250ml, CPDA-1 35ml
Single blood bag, tubular film 350ml, CPDA-1 49ml
Single blood bag, tubular film 450ml, CPDA-1 63ml
Single blood bag, tubular film 500ml, CPDA-1 70ml


A single blood bag is a medical device used for the collection, storage, and transfusion of blood and blood components. Blood bags are commonly used in blood donation processes, blood banks, and healthcare settings where blood transfusions are required. These bags are designed to maintain the integrity and safety of collected blood until it is needed for transfusion.

Key features of a single blood bag include:

Sterile Material: Blood bags are made from sterile and biocompatible materials to ensure the safety of the collected blood and prevent contamination.

Anticoagulant Solution: The blood bag typically contains an anticoagulant solution that prevents blood clotting during storage. Common anticoagulants used include citrate-phosphate-dextrose (CPD), citrate-phosphate-dextrose-adenine (CPDA-1), or citrate-phosphate-double-dextrose (CP2D).

Preservation Solution (Optional): In some cases, blood bags may include a preservation solution to extend the shelf life of certain blood components.

Collection Tube: The blood bag is equipped with a collection tube that allows the healthcare professional to collect blood directly from the donor or patient.

Needle Access Port: Blood bags have a needle access port that allows for the aseptic introduction of blood into the bag.

Barcode Label: Each blood bag is labelled with a barcode that includes important information such as blood type, donor information, and any other relevant details.

Integration Ports: Some blood bags have integration ports for additional components or filters, depending on the specific requirements of the blood product being collected.

Blood bags are available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different blood collection needs. A single blood bag typically holds a specific volume of blood, and the collected blood can be separated into various components like red blood cells, plasma, and platelets for specific medical treatments.

Blood transfusions are a crucial aspect of medical care, used in surgeries, trauma cases, and for patients with certain medical conditions. Blood banks carefully screen and process donated blood to ensure its safety and compatibility with recipients.


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