2D barcoded Sterile Cryotubes

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Model Number: NH-61501

Brand: Niche Healthcare

2D barcoded sterile cryovials, external thread, no o-ring, self-standing with writing area.  
Each 2D barcoded cryogenic vial with unique 2D barcodes.
Temperature resistant from -196’c to 121’c 
PP tue with PE cap.
Sterile, Rnase-free, DNase-free and Non-pyrogenic.
Available in 0.5ml,1.5ml.


2D barcoded cryotubes offer several benefits in a healthcare environment, particularly in settings like biobanks, research laboratories, and clinical facilities where the storage and retrieval of biological samples are crucial. Here are some of the advantages:

  1. Efficient Sample Tracking: The 2D barcodes provide a unique identifier for each cryotube, allowing for accurate and efficient sample tracking. This is especially important when dealing with large numbers of samples, as manual tracking can be prone to errors.

  2. Automation and Integration: The barcoded information can be easily scanned and integrated into laboratory information management systems (LIMS) or other data management software. This streamlines the sample management process and reduces the chances of errors associated with manual data entry.

  3. Reduced Risk of Sample Mix-ups: The unique barcodes significantly reduce the risk of sample mix-ups, ensuring that each sample is correctly identified throughout its lifecycle. This is critical in maintaining the integrity of research and diagnostic activities.

  4. Faster Retrieval of Samples: Automated barcode scanning allows for quick and accurate retrieval of samples. This is particularly important in time-sensitive situations, such as when samples are needed for urgent diagnostic testing or research experiments.

  5. Improved Traceability: The 2D barcodes enable detailed traceability of samples, including information about the sample’s origin, processing history, and storage conditions. This can be valuable for quality control, compliance with regulations, and retrospective analysis.

  6. Enhanced Data Accuracy: By automating data capture through barcode scanning, the potential for manual data entry errors is minimized. This improves the overall accuracy of data associated with each sample.

  7. Secure Data Management: Barcoded cryotubes contribute to a more secure and organized data management system. Access controls and audit trails can be implemented to monitor and manage who has access to the samples and associated data.

  8. Improved Workflow Efficiency: The streamlined processes facilitated by 2D barcoded cryotubes contribute to overall workflow efficiency in a healthcare environment. Researchers and clinicians can focus more on their core activities rather than spending excessive time on sample management tasks.

  9. Compliance with Regulations: The use of barcoded cryotubes can assist in meeting regulatory requirements for sample tracking and documentation, ensuring that healthcare facilities and research laboratories adhere to relevant standards.

  10. Sample Preservation: The cryotubes themselves are designed for the preservation of samples at low temperatures, helping to maintain the viability of biological materials over extended periods.

In summary, the implementation of 2D barcoded cryotubes in a healthcare environment enhances efficiency, accuracy, and traceability in sample management, contributing to improved research outcomes and patient care.


Code No.
2D Barcoded Cryotubes ,0.5ml
2D Barcoded Cryotubes ,1.5ml
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