8-Strip Rod Comb- Laboratory

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Model Number: NH-12252

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Made of medical grade PP material
Good chemical and physical resistance
DNase, RNasa and pyrogenic free
Compatible with most robotic samplers and automated liquid handling systems


An 8-strip rod comb is a laboratory tool used in gel electrophoresis for the creation of wells in agarose gels. It typically consists of eight individual tooth-like prongs arranged in a linear configuration. The comb is inserted into the gel during the casting process to form wells where samples can be loaded for electrophoretic separation.

Key features of the 8-strip rod comb include:

Number of Wells: The comb has eight prongs, allowing for the creation of eight wells in the gel simultaneously.

Spacing: The prongs are evenly spaced to facilitate uniform sample loading and separation.

Compatibility: The comb is designed to fit into gel-casting trays used in electrophoresis apparatus.

Material: Combs are often made from materials such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) or other plastics compatible with the gel-casting process.

Width: The width of the comb is designed to match the width of the gel, ensuring proper well formation.

Ease of Use: The comb is easy to handle and insert into the gel during the casting process.

Well Depth: The prongs determine the depth of the wells, accommodating the volume of samples to be loaded.

Applications: 8-strip rod combs are commonly used in molecular biology research, DNA and RNA electrophoresis, and protein separation studies.

The 8-strip rod comb is a convenient tool for creating multiple sample wells in agarose gels, enabling researchers to load and separate multiple samples simultaneously during gel electrophoresis experiments.


Laboratory Medical Equipment

Laboratory Medical Equipment


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