Absorbent Cotton Gauze Squares

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Model Number: NH-684532

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Gauze Swabs, also known as gauze squares or sponges, are common medical supplies consisting of small pieces of absorbent gauze fabric.



Made of 100% absorbent cotton gauze, constructed from USP, BP and EP type gauze with high absorbency and low lint. With a wide range of specifications in size, ply and thread count. Ideal for wound dressings, wound packing and general wound care. Bothe sterile and non-sterile packing are available. Sterile packing gauze is packaged in peel down or tear open heal sealing pouches.

Gauze Swabs, also known as gauze squares or sponges, are common medical supplies consisting of small pieces of absorbent gauze fabric. They are widely used in healthcare settings for various purposes and come in different sizes.

Key features and purposes of Gauze Swabs include:

  1. Absorption: Gauze swabs are highly absorbent and are used to soak up blood, wound exudate, or other fluids during medical procedures and wound care.

  2. Wound Dressings: They are commonly used as wound dressings, providing a clean and sterile cover for wounds to promote healing and prevent infection.

  3. Cleaning and Disinfection: Gauze swabs are used to clean and disinfect wounds or surgical sites, helping to remove debris and reduce the risk of infection.

  4. Application of Medications: Healthcare professionals use them to apply topical medications to wounds or skin, ensuring even distribution.

  5. Wound Packing: In some cases, gauze swabs can be used for wound packing to help control bleeding or maintain wound integrity.

  6. Sterility: They are typically available in sterile packaging to maintain an aseptic environment during medical procedures.

  7. Versatility: Gauze swabs are versatile and widely used in a range of medical applications, including surgical settings, wound care, and first aid.

Gauze swabs are essential tools in wound care, infection control, and various medical procedures. They are valued for their absorbent properties and versatility, making them a staple in healthcare facilities, first aid kits, and other medical environments


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