Adhesive Medical Drape

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Model Number: NH-76353

Brand: Niche Healthcare

An adhesive medical drape is a specialized medical product designed to provide a sterile barrier during surgical or medical procedures


Made of SMS material with adhesive strip
Non-linting, tear-resistant, waxy paper release liner
Specification and weight can be customized according to requirement
Sterile pack
Cat. No.
Qty/case (pcs)
Adhesive Drape, 50x75cm


An adhesive medical drape is a specialized medical product designed to provide a sterile barrier during surgical or medical procedures. These drapes are typically made of impermeable materials with an adhesive backing, allowing them to adhere securely to the patient’s skin or the surrounding area. The primary purpose of adhesive medical drapes is to maintain a sterile field by preventing the migration of microorganisms from non-sterile to sterile areas.

Key features and characteristics of adhesive medical drapes include:

Adhesive Backing: The drape is equipped with an adhesive backing or border that ensures a secure and aseptic attachment to the patient’s skin or the surrounding area.

Impermeable Material: Adhesive medical drapes are made from materials that are impermeable to liquids and microorganisms. This helps in preventing the passage of fluids, bacteria, and other contaminants.

Sterility: These drapes are typically sterilized before use to meet the stringent requirements of maintaining a sterile environment during medical procedures.

Aperture/Openings: Adhesive medical drapes often have pre-cut openings or apertures that align with the specific area of the body undergoing surgery. These openings provide access for healthcare professionals while maintaining the sterile field.

Incise Film: Some adhesive drapes come with an incise film, a transparent plastic film that allows surgeons to make incisions through the drape without compromising sterility.

Variety of Sizes and Shapes: Adhesive medical drapes come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different surgical procedures and anatomical areas.

Hypoallergenic: The adhesive used in these drapes is typically hypoallergenic to minimize the risk of allergic reactions in patients.

Easy Removal: While providing secure adhesion during the procedure, these drapes are designed for easy and atraumatic removal after surgery.

Compatibility with Surgical Equipment: Adhesive drapes are often designed to work seamlessly with other surgical equipment, such as surgical lights, camera systems, or other specialized devices.

Single-Use: Most adhesive medical drapes are intended for single-use only. This helps ensure optimal sterility for each surgical procedure.

Adhesive medical drapes play a crucial role in infection prevention by creating a sterile barrier between the surgical site and the surrounding environment. The choice of a specific drape may depend on the type of surgery, the area of the body involved, and other procedural requirements.


PPE - Niche Healthcare

PPE – Niche Healthcare


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