Adjustable Venturi Mask

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Model Number: NH-73563

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Adjustable venture mask is safe, simple delivery of variable oxygen concentrations.
Made of clear, non-toxic PVC, adjustability clip nose.
With seven color-coded diluters: 24% blue, 28% white, 31% orange, 35% yellow, 40% red, 50% pink, 60% green.
Include adaptor for high humidity entrainment.
With 2m anti-crush tube.
Kit includes mask, high humidity adaptor, oxygen tube and color-coded diluters.


Cat. No. Description Qty/Case (Pcs)
130501 Adjustable Venturi Mask, XL 100
130502 Adjustable Venturi Mask, L 100
130503 Adjustable Venturi Mask, M 100
130504 Adjustable Venturi Mask, S 100


An adjustable Venturi mask is a medical device used to deliver variable concentrations of oxygen to patients with respiratory conditions. It is especially useful in situations where precise oxygen concentrations need to be administered, such as in cases of chronic respiratory diseases or acute respiratory failure. The Venturi mask gets its name from the Venturi effect, where a specific design allows for the entrainment of a controlled amount of air along with the oxygen flow to achieve the desired oxygen concentration.

Key features of an adjustable Venturi mask include:

Adjustable Oxygen Concentrations: The mask has multiple color-coded adapters or “Venturi valves” that can be attached to control the concentration of oxygen delivered. Each color represents a specific oxygen concentration.

Color-Coded Adapters: The color-coding is standardized to help healthcare providers easily identify and select the appropriate Venturi valve for the desired oxygen concentration. Common colors and their corresponding approximate oxygen concentrations may include blue (24%), white (28%), yellow (35%), and green (40%).

Venturi Effect: The Venturi mask utilizes the Venturi principle to mix a controlled amount of air with the oxygen flow, delivering the precise oxygen concentration to the patient’s airways.

Flow Rate Dependent: The effectiveness of the adjustable Venturi mask is somewhat dependent on the patient’s breathing pattern and the flow rate of oxygen supplied. The entrainment of air is influenced by the rate of oxygen flow.

Adapter for Connecting to Oxygen Source: The mask has an adapter for connecting to an oxygen source, typically through a tubing system.

Adjustable Venturi masks are commonly used in the management of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and other respiratory conditions where accurate control of oxygen concentration is crucial. They are often utilized in hospital settings, particularly in respiratory care units, emergency departments, and during acute exacerbations of respiratory conditions.


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