Asepto Syringe

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Model Number: NH-56778

Brand: Niche Healthcare

The asepto syringe offers uninterrupted action in a Single-Hand Technique for maximum control of drawn or expelled volume. The barrel features raised, large and easy-to-read graduations. ETO sterilized.


The term “Asepto syringe” refers to a specific type of syringe commonly used in medical and healthcare settings. It is a bulb syringe designed for irrigation or aspiration purposes, providing a controlled and sterile method for flushing or suctioning fluids. The Asepto syringe is particularly popular in medical procedures where precision and aseptic conditions are crucial.

Here are some key features and information about the Asepto syringe:

Design: The Asepto syringe typically has a bulbous, squeezable body made of soft rubber or plastic. It is designed to be easy to grip and squeeze for controlled fluid delivery.

Tip: The tip of the Asepto syringe often has a conical or tubular shape, allowing for the attachment of various nozzles or catheters for specific medical applications.

Functionality: Asepto syringes are commonly used for irrigation, suction, or aspiration of fluids in medical procedures. They are often employed in wound care, ear irrigation, or other situations where precise control over the flow of fluids is required.

Materials: Asepto syringes are typically made of materials that can withstand sterilization processes, ensuring aseptic conditions during medical procedures. The materials used may include latex-free rubber or medical-grade plastics.

Sterility: Aseptic techniques are essential in medical procedures, and Asepto syringes are designed to be sterilized before use. They may be autoclaved or undergo other approved sterilization methods.

Sizes: Asepto syringes come in various sizes, ranging from small capacities for pediatric use to larger capacities for adult applications. The choice of size depends on the specific medical procedure and the volume of fluid to be handled.

Disposable or Reusable: Some Asepto syringes are disposable and intended for single-use, while others may be reusable and designed to undergo proper sterilization between uses.

Applications: Asepto syringes are used in a variety of medical settings, including wound care, obstetrics, gynecology, and ear, nose, and throat (ENT) procedures.

It’s important to follow proper medical procedures, including sterilization protocols, when using Asepto syringes to ensure patient safety and prevent infections. Healthcare professionals should be trained in the correct use and maintenance of these syringes in accordance with medical standards and guidelines.


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