Autoclave Indicator Tape

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Model Number: NH-73653

Brand: Niche Healthcare 

Unique color-changing strips to indicate whether autoclave cycle has been completed. Color from white to black.
Easy to remove and leave no residue.


Unique colour-changing strips to indicate whether autoclave cycle has been completed. Colour from white to black.
Easy to remove and leave no residue.
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Autoclave Indicator Tape, 12mm×50m
Autoclave Indicator Tape, 19mm×50m
Autoclave Indicator Tape, 25mm×50m


Autoclave indicator tape, also known as autoclave tape or sterilization tape, is a type of adhesive tape used in medical and laboratory settings to indicate whether an item has been exposed to the sterilization process in an autoclave. Autoclaves are devices used to sterilize equipment and supplies by subjecting them to high-pressure steam at elevated temperatures.

Here are some key features and information about autoclave indicator tape:


The primary purpose of autoclave indicator tape is to provide a visual indication that a specific item or packaging has been through the autoclave sterilization process.


Autoclave indicator tape is typically made of paper or another suitable material with an adhesive backing. The tape contains chemical indicators that change color when exposed to the conditions inside the autoclave, indicating that the sterilization process has occurred.

Colour Change:

The colour change is often irreversible and provides a clear visual cue. For example, the tape may change from white to black or another distinct color after exposure to the conditions of the autoclave.


Autoclave indicator tape is usually applied to the outside of packages, wraps, or containers containing items to be sterilized. It helps healthcare professionals quickly identify which items have been through the sterilization process.


It’s important to note that autoclave indicator tape only indicates exposure to the autoclave conditions; it does not guarantee the sterility of the items. Additional biological indicators, such as spore tests, are typically used to verify the effectiveness of the autoclave sterilization process.


Autoclave tapes should comply with relevant standards and regulations to ensure their reliability and effectiveness in indicating sterilization.

Users should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for the specific autoclave indicator tape being used to ensure accurate and reliable results. Autoclave tapes are an essential tool in maintaining the sterility of medical and laboratory equipment.


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