0-1 years, Neonatal Flat Head Correction Bear Shaped Pillow

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Product Descripition 

1) All raw material we used are environmental-friendly;
2) Skillful workers care every detail in handing the machine sewing, printing, stitching, handmade and the packing process;
3) Quality control department specially are responsible for quality checking in each process;
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Quick Details
Material: Polyester / Cotton / pp
Feature: Inflatable
Technics: knitted
Type: baby pillows
Certification: GRS
Fabric Count: 40
Thread Count: 300tc
Logo: Accept Logo
Keyword: cute
Function: Relieve Pressure
Usage: Office/travelling
Packing: Opp Bag
Filling Material: Memory Foam
Grade: Qualified
Age Group: Adults
Part: Body

What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Flat Head Syndrome?

Flattened head syndrome usually is easy for parents to notice:

  • The back of the baby’s head is flatter on one side.
  • The baby usually has less hair on that part of the head.
  • When looking down at the baby’s head, the ear on the flattened side may look pushed forward.

In severe cases, the forehead might bulge on the side opposite from the flattening, and may look uneven. If torticollis is the cause, the neck, jaw, and face also might be uneven.

What Else Should I Know?

Flat head syndrome improves with time and natural growth. As babies grow, they begin to change position themselves during sleep, so their heads aren’t in the same position.

When babies can sit on their own, a flat spot usually won’t get any worse. Then, over months and years, as the skull grows, the flattening will improve, even in severe cases. As hair grows in over the first few years, the flat spot often becomes less noticeable as well.

Flat head syndrome doesn’t affect a baby’s brain growth. But having a stiff neck can slow early development. 

They can grow out of it naturally or correct it with therapy. It is unlikely to cause issues with their brain growth or function. However, if plagiocephaly is left untreated, children are at risk of developmental, neurological, or psychological difficulties.

Flat Head Syndrome (Positional Plagiocephaly):


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    This is perfect for my baby. It is really soft & comfortable, helps position the baby I would definitely recommend for other babies!

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