Biodegradable Vomit Collector Bag

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Model Number: NH-52131

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Our Biodegradable Vomit Collector Bag is made of biodegradable polyethylene, with 1000ml or 1500ml capacity, with a ring or collar made of high-density polyethylene.

Capable with a dispenser with a capacity of 50 bags, transparent, which allows you to see the placement of the bag and place or fix the system on the wall of thread fastener.


  1. Infection Control: Disposable vomit bags can help prevent the spread of infections by providing a hygienic and contained solution for patients experiencing nausea or vomiting. The use of a bag can reduce the risk of contamination in the immediate environment.

  2. Patient Comfort: Having a readily available and easily accessible vomit collector bag can provide comfort and dignity to patients who may experience nausea or vomiting. It allows them to manage these symptoms discreetly without causing distress.

  3. Convenience for Caregivers: Disposable vomit bags can be convenient for healthcare providers and caregivers, especially in situations where patients may have difficulty reaching a restroom or need immediate assistance. The bags offer a quick and efficient solution for managing vomiting episodes.

  4. Environmental Impact: The use of a biodegradable material in the vomit collector bag may have environmental benefits by reducing the impact of plastic waste. Biodegradable materials break down more easily over time, potentially mitigating environmental concerns associated with traditional disposable bags.

  5. Ease of Disposal: Biodegradable vomit bags may be disposed of more responsibly, aligning with sustainability goals. Proper disposal methods can contribute to reducing the environmental impact of healthcare waste.

It’s important to note that the specific benefits of such a device would depend on its design, materials used, and the context in which it is employed. Additionally, developments in healthcare practices and products may have occurred since my last update.


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