Blood Collection Tube Holder

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Model Number: NH-12355

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Blood collection needle Luer Adapter can be used together with vacuum blood collection tube for multiple blood collection.
Sterile, Individual Pack.


A Blood Collection Tube Holder with Lure Adapter is a medical device used in the process of collecting blood samples from patients. The holder is a device designed to secure and stabilize blood collection tubes during the blood-drawing procedure. It typically consists of a handle or grip, a mechanism to securely hold the blood collection tube, and a Lure adapter.

Here’s a breakdown of its components:

Handle or Grip: This is the part of the holder that the healthcare professional holds during the blood collection process. It is designed for a comfortable and secure grip to ensure precise control.

Tube Holder Mechanism: The mechanism is designed to securely hold blood collection tubes in place, preventing them from dislodging or falling during the blood draw. It usually has an adjustable feature to accommodate different tube sizes.

Lure Adapter: The Lure adapter is a crucial component that allows for the attachment of various types of needles or other medical devices with a Lure connection. This versatility is important as it enables the healthcare professional to use different needle sizes or other accessories based on the requirements of the blood collection procedure.

In the context of blood collection, Lure connections are standardized fittings used in the medical field for the secure connection of medical devices such as needles, syringes, or in this case, a blood collection tube holder.

Healthcare professionals use this device to facilitate a smooth and controlled blood collection process. The Lure adapter allows for the easy and secure attachment of needles to the holder, ensuring a sterile and efficient blood draw.

It’s important to note that the specific design and features of a Blood Collection Tube Holder with Lure Adapter may vary among different manufacturers, but the general purpose is to provide a reliable and convenient tool for blood collection procedures in medical settings.


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