Bone Cement Filler (100 PCs)

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Model Number: NH-60060

Brand: Niche Healthcare

The bone cement filler can be used to inject the bone cement smoothly, with low friction.
Clear scale of the bone cement filler for easy intraoperative positioning.
4 kinds of tips to meet different procedural needs.
Volume mark on the pusher for 0.4ml, 0.8ml and 1.2ml.


Healthcare benefits:

  1. Joint Stability: The use of bone cement fillers can contribute to the stability and durability of joint implants. It helps in filling gaps between the implant and the surrounding bone, providing a secure and stable fixation.

  2. Reduced Micro-Motion: Properly applied bone cement fillers can help reduce micro-motion at the implant-bone interface. This is crucial for preventing loosening of the implant over time and improving the long-term success of joint replacements.

  3. Enhanced Implant Longevity: The use of bone cement fillers may enhance the longevity of joint implants by creating a strong and lasting bond between the implant and the bone. This can reduce the likelihood of premature implant failure and the need for revision surgeries.

  4. Pain Reduction: Improved stability and reduced micro-motion can contribute to a more comfortable postoperative experience for patients. By minimizing pain associated with joint movement, patients may experience better overall outcomes and satisfaction.

  5. Minimized Revision Surgeries: Properly applied bone cement fillers may help in minimizing the need for revision surgeries, reducing the economic burden on the healthcare system and improving the overall quality of care for patients.

  6. Cost-Effectiveness: Long-lasting and stable joint implants can contribute to cost-effectiveness in the healthcare system by reducing the frequency of interventions and associated healthcare expenses related to joint replacement complications.


Cat. No.
Qty/case (pcs)
Bone Cement Filler,Flat tip, Diameter 2.9/3.5mm, Length 216mm
Bone Cement Filler, Bevel tip, Diameter 2.9/3.5mm, Length 216mm
Bone Cement Filler, Groove tip, Diameter 2.9/3.5mm, Length 216mm
Bone Cement Filler, One sided groove tip, Diameter 2.9/3.5mm, Length 216mm


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